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Animal & Bylaw Services

Updated June 29, 2015
Animal & Bylaw Services encourages safe, healthy and vibrant communities for Calgarians,  through the development, education and compliance of bylaws that reflect community values.  
Prevention & Public Awareness

Prevention and Public Awareness

Through our Prevention and Public Awareness programs, we strive to reach Calgarians in the communities in which they live, work and play. Programs like our Community Cleanups, our Off-Leash Ambassador Program and our Corporate Coordinated Graffiti Abatement Program help keep our communities safe and clean. 

Animal Services for dogs and cats

Animal Services

We provide numerous animal-related services to citizens such as licensing cats and dogs, sheltering cats and dogs impounded under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and adoptions to find new homes for impounded cats and dogs that have not been claimed by their owners.
Compliance Services including Business Licence, Development Inspections and Livery Transport Services

Compliance Services

Compliance Services consists of three branches of investigation and complaint resolution including Business Licence, Development Inspections and Livery Transport Services. Each section has its own unique set of responsibilities and is equally important to maintaining a great city.

Bylaw Services

Bylaw Services

Bylaws are essential to the development and maintenance of safe, healthy and vibrant communities, and they help Calgarians live in harmony with their neighbours by setting minimum standards for acceptable behaviour.

Frequently asked questions

For a list of frequently asked questions about Animal & Bylaw Services visit our frequently asked questions page.