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Calgary AfterSchool background

Calgary AfterSchool

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Who we are

Ensuring that Calgary’s youth are active, safe and happy in the hours after school.

Calgary AfterSchool is a program framework that

  • is open to all Calgary youth between the ages of 6-16
  • provides a fun, creative and safe environment
  • kids are supervised by knowledgeable staff
  • provides high-quality programs throughout Calgary from 3 to 6 pm
  • provides supervised and safe activities during a time when many youth are unsupervised
  • helps kids do better in school, make friends and stay out of trouble
  • provide a wide range of affordable programs catered to youth needs and interests
  • prevents youth from making poor decisions that can result in accident, injury or crime
  • is a collaborative effort between the City of Calgary and community partners, the first of its kind in Canada

Benefits of Calgary AfterSchool | Our Community Partners | Find a Program | In the News | Frequently Asked Questions | Contact info

Benefits of Calgary AfterSchool

After school programs provide benefits to youth, parents and the community through:

  • Lowering stress levels for working parents (who will know where their children are and what they are doing)
  • Expanding the range and availability of youth recreational opportunities to more Calgary communities
  • Delivering more programs to help kids develop their social, physical, leadership and creative skills
  • Strengthening The City's partnerships with local agencies and leveraging future joint-funding opportunities
  • Optimizing the use of recreation and community facilities available between 3 - 6 p.m.

Our Community Partners

Calgary AfterSchool collaborates with agencies throughout Calgary to provide quality after school programs. These agencies host youth programs and are funded by Family & Community Support Services (FCSS). The following agencies offer a wide variety of programs.

The City of Calgary Recreation
Acadia Aquatic Centre, Beltline Aquatic Centre program, Bob Bahan Aquatic Centre program, Inglewood Aquatic Centre, Killarney Aquatic Centre program, Southland Leisure Centre program, Thornhill Aquatic Centre program, Village Square Leisure Centre program, Optimist Arena.

The City of Calgary Community Neighbourhood Services
CNS hosts various children and youth programs

Aspen Family and Community Network Society
Aspen hosts the Youth Matters program.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters Society of Calgary and Area
Big Brothers and Big Sisters hosts the Big Brothers and Sisters Critical Hours program.

Boys and Girls Club of Calgary
Boys and Girls Club hosts the Boys and Girls Critical Hours program.

Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth
The Calgary Bridge Foundation hosts the Calgary Bridge Critical Hours program.

Calgary Chinese Community Service Association
The Calgary Chinese Community Service Association hosts the Super Cool After School program.

Calgary Family Services Society
The Calgary Family Services Society hosts the Calgary Family Critical Hours program.

Calgary YMCA
The Calgary YMCA hosts the YMCA Aboriginal Programs and Services program.

Closer to Home Community Services Society
Closer to Home hosts the Critical Hours program.

Family Matters Society of Calgary
Family Matters hosts the Families Matter Critical Hours program.

Immigrant Services Calgary Society
Immigrant Services hosts the Mosaic After School program.

Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta – Calgary Chapter
The Learning Disabilities Association hosts the After School Social Skills program.

LINKages Society
LINKages Society hosts the After School Intergenerational program.

Metis Calgary Family Services
Metis Calgary Family Services hosts the Metis Calgary Family Services AfterSchool program.

Millican Ogden Community Association
The Millican Ogden Community Association hosts the Millican-Ogden Critical Hours program.

Two Wheel View
Two Wheel View hosts the Earn-a-Bike program.

Youth Central
Youth Central hosts the Youth Volunteer Corps Community Clubs program

Calgary AfterSchool programs

Activities featured in the AfterSchool program include sports, drama, music, arts, crafts and recreation. To find an after school program close to your home or school, use the Calgary AfterSchool program search tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the AfterSchool Framework

Phone: 3-1-1 (outside Calgary: 403-268-2489)
Email: 3-1-1 at