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Family & Community Support Services

Applications for the 2017 Capacity Building Program are now being accepted. Please visit for more information.

If you are new to the FCSS funding stream and considering submitting a proposal, some good information to start with can be found on this site under Agency Resources and Funding Framework.  

Family & Community Support Services

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) is a joint municipal-provincial funding program established to support and fund preventive social services. The program, governed by the Family & Community Support Services Act since 1966, emphasizes prevention, volunteerism and local autonomy. The provincial and municipal governments share the cost of the program. The Province contributes up to 80 per cent of the program cost and the municipality covers a minimum of 20 percent. In Calgary, City Council has made a commitment to contribute more than the minimum requirement and has provided 30 per cent of the program cost since 2012.

FCSS annual report statistics

2015 FCSS Annual Report

The 2015 FCSS Annual Report is now available, as well as success stories from our partner agencies about individuals supported by FCSS programs.

Who benefits from FCSS programs?

FCSS funds well-established community organizations to assist in increasing social inclusion and strengthening neighbourhoods.

All FCSS-funded agencies and programs receive assistance to ensure their work reflects evidence-based best or promising practices in prevention science.

The Impact of the FCSS Program

FCSS changes lives and communities across Alberta. See our summary about the value of FCSS Calgary and how Calgarians continue to benefit from FCSS-funded programs and services.

Council Policy on FCSS

In 2016, City Council updated the FCSS Policy to inform and guide the work of FCSS Calgary and its relationship with funded organizations. Some of the key changes include:

What has changed? Why did we change it?
​The Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services (SPC on CPS) will provide governance without the formal designation as the FCSS Board. ​Reduce the administration to enable Administration to bring forward funding recommendations and policy recommendations in a more timely manner. 
​Requests for reconsideration to be heard by senior Administration rather than the Reconsideration Sub-Committee of SPC on CPS. ​Administration has been able to resolve requests for reconsideration without requiring the Reconsideration Sub-Committee’s involvement.
​Amalgamate the FCSS Advisory Committee and the FCSS Sustainability Forum. ​Many organizations served on both groups. Combining the groups will improve efficiency and reduce the burden on organizations. The Terms of Reference for the new FCSS Calgary Forum is now part of the FCSS policy.
​Remove operational procedures from Council policy. ​Remove procedures that refer to an organization’s day-to-day operations from a strategic Council policy.
​Four year contracts to be made available. ​Increasingly, organizations and funders are planning for four to five years. This practice promotes sustainability and stability in the non-profit sector and aligns with The City’s four year business planning process.

Review the FCSS Policy if you receive FCSS funding or are interested in FCSS Calgary.

Conditions of Funding Agreement

All agencies approved by City Council for program funding are required to sign a Conditions of Funding Agreement, which outlines the terms of the contract between the agency and FCSS Calgary.