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Calgary Local Immigration Partnership

Calgary is the fourth most common destination for newcomers to Canada. While many immigrants choose Calgary to be their new home, they may not always be aware of the opportunities Calgary has to offer them to make meaningful contributions to our city.

The Calgary Local Immigrant Partnership (CLIP) initiative will create a more welcoming and inclusive community for immigrants and newcomers in Calgary. Working with community partners, our goal is for newcomers to thrive and succeed in Calgary by easily accessing the resources and services they need.

CLIP Volunteers

CLIP is not currently looking for more volunteers. But please contact us at if you would like to learn more about ways you can participate.

Survey: Were you born outside of Canada?

Thank you to everyone who participated. This survey is now closed. We will be producing a final report with the findings shortly.

What is a Local Immigration Partnership (LIP)?

A LIP is an initiative to support the settlement and integration of newcomers to Canada by fostering welcoming and inclusive spaces, organizations, businesses, and communities through collective actions. LIPs were established by the Government of Canada and can be found across the country.

What is the Calgary Local Immigration Partnership (CLIP)?

The Calgary Local Immigration Partnership (CLIP) is a multi-sectoral partnership that is designed to help improve the integration of immigrants in the city as well as to strengthen the city's ability to better integrate and address the needs of newcomers. CLIP brings together local stakeholders to develop a comprehensive strategy that will improve the integration of newcomers, while making Calgary an increasingly welcoming and inclusive city.

What is CLIP working on currently?

CLIP is working on the following as outlined by their contract with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada:

  • Partnership Council
  • Immigrant Advisory Table
  • LIPs Learning Event - Fall 2016
    CLIP hosted a two-day learning event for local immigration partnerships (LIPs) in the Prairies and Northern Territories region in September 2016. See the
    Fall 2016 LIPs Learning event minutes and analysis for more information about the topics, minutes on each plenary and break-out session and feedback from event attendees on how to improve future LIP learning events.
  • Map of newcomers in the community
  • 2017 "Building a Life in Calgary" event for newcomers
    CLIP hosted an afternoon of learning and fun for newcomers and refugees
    on Feb 4. Read about the event.

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Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada