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Calgary Transit Low Income Monthly Pass sliding scale fare changes

Our sliding scale fare structure for Low Income Monthly Transit Passes helps eliminate financial barriers for Calgarians so they can participate easily in the community.

Are you looking for a print friendly version of this information? Download the sliding scale Q&A document.

What is sliding scale?

Sliding scale is a pricing system that assigns a purchase price based on income. The less an applicant earns, the less they will need to pay. Your income will place you into one of three price categories.

All who qualify for the pass will receive a discount. The minimum discount is 50 percent.

When will sliding scale start?

The new fare structure began in mid-March 2017 for April pass purchases.

Who qualifies for sliding scale?

If you have been approved for Fair Entry you will be eligible to receive a discount. An income assessment will determine the price you have to pay for a Low Income Monthly Pass. To learn about the different ways you can prove your income, visit

If you have questions, want to learn how your income impacts where you fit, or aren’t sure if you qualify, please contact us by calling 311 or by emailing

How do I apply for a pass?

For information on how to apply,visit Applying once through Fair Entry also submits your application to our other subsidy programs.

If you were approved for a Low Income Monthly Pass, prior to the sliding scale, you will automatically be placed into the sliding scale category that fits your income.

How much will a pass cost?

Our sliding scale passes have three price categories. Which one you fit into is based on your income and the number of people in your household or eight other qualifying factors.

​Household Size
​Income Category A
​​Income Category B
​Income Category C
​1 person ​Less than $12,669 ​$12,670 - $21,537 $21,538 - $25,338
​2 person ​Less than $15,772 ​$15,773 - $26,812 ​$26,813 - $31,544
​3 person ​Less than $19,390 ​$19,391 - $32,963 ​$32,964 - $38,780
​4 person ​Less than $23,542 ​$23,543 - $40,021 ​$40,022 - $47,084
​5 person ​Less than $26,701 $26,702 - $45,391 ​$45,392 - $53,402
​6 person ​Less than $30,114 ​$30,115 - $51,193 $51,194 - $60,228
​7 person ​Less than $33,527 ​$33,528 - $56,996 ​$56,997 - $67,055

What if I disagree with the price category I fit into?

If you have questions or concerns about how your price category was determined, please contact us by calling 311 or email

Does the sliding scale affect all transit fares?

Prices for the senior pass, regular passes, and youth monthly passes will not change due to sliding scale.

Youth in low income households are also eligible for sliding scale. Children under age of six are free.

How were the price categories developed?

We determined the pricing categories by looking at the income levels of our current customers. We also considered how we could provide the most assistance to the most people within the budget.

We studied other income support program systems to see how the categories might impact the people receiving those benefits and we used community input to adjust the categories appropriately.

In the sliding scale system, the majority of current Low Income Monthly Pass customers will pay less than they did in March.