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Accommodations and services for accessibility

We’re committed to meeting the diverse needs of Calgarians. To accommodate everyone, we offer a wide range of accessible services so you can participate in City services, programs and events.

To request a specific service or inquire about the accessibility of an event or meeting, please call 311.

Council meetings​


Assistived listening
  • Captioning is available during all Council meetings.
  • Assistive Listening Devices are also available at all City Council Meetings and all Committees Meetings held in the Engineering Traditions Committee Room.
  • Please contact Security in Council Chambers if you require an assisted listening device.

​American Sign Language


Sign Language

ASL interpreters can be booked for public meetings and events. ASL (American Sign Language) is the primary sign language used in Canada and the United States.

​Captioning Service


Open Captioning icon


Closed captioning icon

​When a captioning service is requested for an event or meeting, a captionist generates a transcript of the proceeding that appears on a screen or monitor for people to read as the event or meeting progresses. The time delay between the speech and the appearance of the typed text is generally less than two seconds and allows readers to fully participate in the proceedings.

Captioning also provides the secondary benefit of providing an electronic record of the proceedings. Captioning is effective for the deaf or hard of hearing, but also for people with certain types of learning disabilities and individuals whose first language is not English.

​Alternate print formats


Large text



​Materials can be made available in a number of formats, including large print and braille to meet your needs. To request print materials in an alternative format, please contact 311.

​Guide dogs


seeing eye dog

​Guide dogs are welcome in public spaces. Relief areas are available near most facilities and City buildings.

​Accessible facilities and venues



​Most civic events and public meetings are held in accessible facilities and venues. To inquire about the access level of an event or meeting, please contact 311.

Website accessibility​

​We’re committed to making our website accessible to all Calgarians regardless of technology or ability and to ensure it displays correctly in current browsers and is compatible across different assistive technologies.

Feel to ask us any questions or share your suggestions on how we can improve the accessibility of our website.

How to request ASL, captioning and other alternative communications services

Please contact 311 to request ASL, captioning, or alternate communication formats or to inquire about the accessibility of an event or meeting.

Please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your organization (if applicable)
  • Event the service is needed for
  • Date, time and location of that event
  • Number of people attending who will require the ASL or captioning service

Please provide at least two weeks notice when requesting services.