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Advisory Committee on Accessibility

Our mission: To provide access recommendations and to advise City Council of the rights and service needs of Calgarians with disabilities.

The Unique Role of Council Committees

Municipal citizen committees are ‘portals’ between the community and local government. They provide a two-way flow of information-gathering and shared experience.

  • They provide an opportunity for the public to observe how cities are governed, an opportunity would otherwise not be offered to community members.
  • They provide an for public servants to understand, in more depth, the issues and concerns of their citizens.

This role is critical in understanding the lived experience of citizens. Committees of Council are considered ‘subject matter experts’ and are vital to civic engagement and well-managed local governance.


Functions of the Advisory Committee on Accessibility

  • Investigate and make recommendations on issues of mutual concern between the accessibility community and The City of Calgary.
  • Receive advice, recommendations, reports or complaints from individuals or groups addressing issues of concern to persons with disabilities, and take appropriate action.
  • Serve as ambassadors for the accessibility community and for The City of Calgary, promoting good relationships.
  • Report on a regular basis through Standing Policy Committees to City Council and to accessibility leadership in general, across the city.
  • Ensure that communication, public relations and/or public participation plays a major role in the efforts of the Committee to fulfill its function.
  • Be available to offer assistance, or improve the efforts of other agencies or organizations that seek to address issues of concern for persons with disabilities, on a formal or informal basis.

Become a member of the Advisory Committee on Accessibility

The Advisory Committee on Accessibility seeks members on a rotating term (one, two or three-year terms) in the fall of each year. If you live in Calgary and have a disability or has knowledge and interest in the disability and accessibility arena, please express your interest by applying through the City Clerk’s Office in August of each year.

Each year, Calgary City Council reviews all applications and selects volunteers who are willing to spend time making Calgary more accessible.

The Advisory Committee on Accessibility and the two sub-committees each meet once a month. We encourage individuals and organizations to bring disability issues forward to Calgary City Council through the Advisory Committee on Accessibility.

For further information contact Leanne Squair, Issue Strategist - Accessibility, Calgary Neighbourhoods, 403-268-1352. For media inquiries please contact 403-828-2954.