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Ward Profiles

Ward map

These ward profiles provide information about the population in 2011, but are based on the ward boundaries that came into effect in 2017. The information comes from the existing 2011 Census of Canada and 2011 National Household Survey data.

Because of the significant changes to the ward boundaries in 2017, these ward profiles should not be compared to ward profiles from other years. Please email to access the previous Ward profiles based 2013 Ward boundaries.

The population of some communities has increased considerably since the 2011 census, especially at the edges of the city. This means the population for some Wards will seem smaller than expected, but still provides useful socio-economic data. For current Ward populations please refer to the 2017 Civic Census results.

Ward profiles based on the 2017 ward boundaries will be updated with data from the 2016 Census of Canada in late 2018.

Ward  profiles enable citizens and others to learn more about each of the wards that make up Calgary. 

The Calgary ward profiles are comprised of three parts.

  • Part A – Demographics, contains demographic information from the 2014 Calgary Civic Census and 2011 Census of Canada.
  • Part B – Ward Character, contains socio-cultural information from the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS). You can download a glossary of terms for the Part B profiles.

About the ward profiles:

  • Not sure of your ward number? Visit the Office of the Councillors to find out.
  • These profiles were creating using data accessed using the Community Data Program.

Additional information:

  • The 2016 Calgary Profile will replace the current 2011 Calgary at a Glance document. It will be released in chapters in line with the 2016 Census of Canada data release schedule. See Data about Calgary for more information.
  • If you have questions about the Community Profiles, please email
  • Information about Calgary and Calgary’s wards is also available.


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