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Diversity and Inclusion

Throughout Calgary’s history, the sustained increase in the number of immigrant, visible minority and racialized persons arriving in the city has continually brought a range of culturally diverse experiences, perspectives and vibrancy.

However, the reality is that some of these individuals continue to face barriers (finding jobs and quality housing, to name a few) when they try to participate actively in society. They simply do not feel a sense of belonging. Recognizing the daily struggles that some people experience is an important step on the road to becoming a more inclusive city.

Publications and Initiatives


Welcoming Community Policy, 2011: creating a city that is welcoming to diverse populations.

Calgary Immigrants Population Profile (published 2016): Information about immigrants living in Calgary.

Diversity in Calgary; looking forward to 2020 (published 2011): a fact sheet on immigrant population trends and growth.

Every Vote Counts; report to the community (published 2011): joint paper with the Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary on immigrant voting patterns.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Housing Challenges for Newcomers in Calgary (published 2010). A collaborative publication between the Homeless Foundation, The City of Calgary, the University of Calgary and the United Way, on housing trends for immigrant renters and home owners. An executive summary is also available for this report.

Inequality in Calgary: the Racialization of Poverty (published 2009): growing income disparity and poverty in racialized and Aboriginal populations in Calgary.

Facts about Calgary Immigrants (published 2007): landed immigration in Calgary and Canada.

CARE Strategy: a collaborative initiative across The City’s Community Services & Protective Services Department (CS&PS) to establish culturally competent services for immigrant children & youth.

Ethno-Cultural Directory: a comprehensive on-line directory that lists services for Calgary’s diverse ethno-cultural communities.

Cultural Cues (Working with Culturally Diverse Seniors) (published 2005): resource guide produced by the Seniors Division, helps service providers better understand the cultural beliefs and customs of six groups of Calgary's immigrant seniors.

Diversity within broader social contexts

Community Profiles
Demographic profiles of Calgary communities using the most recent statistics from both the federal and civic censuses.

Indices of Community Well-being 2006 (published 2010)
Detailed report examining Calgary’s communities according to the dimensions of economic, social, and physical well-being. The well-being of communities is ranked relative to one another and presented in map and table format.

Signposts (published 2012 and 2014)
Reports on community assessment surveys conducted in 2006 that explored the social issues and needs of Calgarians. Results are reported city-wide as well as at the social district level.