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Research & information

Targeted Social Topics

Community Information

    2016 Needs and Preferences Study city wide report contains data on residents’ needs and desires for the delivery of recreation, leisure and social programming in their community as well as thoughts about their community association.

    Watch a presentation on the city-wide report where the results are discussed by Ipsos Reid.

    Calgary at a Glance: Results of the 2011 Federal Census Program. Provides a summary of initial figures on Calgary. It does not include custom data such as community level, as this information has not been released yet.

    Community Data Program: National collaboration involving The City of Calgary and local organizations

    Community Profiles: Neighbourhood statistics based on federal and census data

    Indices of Community Well-Being (published 2010): Detailed report examining Calgary’s communities according to the dimensions of economic, social, and physical well-being. The well-being of communities is ranked relative to one another and presented in map and table format.

    Signposts (published 2012, 2014): Survey of the needs and issues of Calgarians

    Calgary Community Services Guides: List of community, health, government and social services

    Ward Profiles: City ward information