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Research & information

Targeted Social Topics

Community Information

    Calgary at a Glance: Results of the 2011 Federal Census Program. Provides a summary of initial figures on Calgary. It does not include custom data such as community level, as this information has not been released yet.

    Community Data Program: National collaboration involving The City of Calgary and local organizations

    Community Profiles: Neighbourhood statistics based on federal and census data

    Indices of Community Well-Being (published 2010): Detailed report examining Calgary’s communities according to the dimensions of economic, social, and physical well-being. The well-being of communities is ranked relative to one another and presented in map and table format.

    Signposts (published 2012, 2014): Survey of the needs and issues of Calgarians

    Calgary Community Services Guides: List of community, health, government and social services

    Ward Profiles: City ward information