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Age-Friendly Calgary background

Calgary’s senior population is growing and by 2036, it’s estimated that nearly one in five Calgarians will be a senior. Through collaboration with older adult community members, other levels of government, and members of the health, post-secondary, non-profit, and private sectors, a community-wide strategy was created to prepare for Calgary's aging population.

The Senior Age-Friendly Strategy and Implementation Plan 2015-2018 was approved by Calgary City Council in June 2015.

Updated May 17, 2017: Revisions to the Transportation & Mobility priority area.

Learn more about Age-Friendly Calgary.

The Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy has six priority areas. Short descriptions of those are available in the PDFs below:

The creation of this framework included the participation of older adults at every stage of its development.

What you can do

Calgarians can impact their communities by bringing age-friendly actions to their neighbourhoods. Some suggestions for each priority area are:

Access to information and services

  • Learn the differences between 211, 311, 811, and 911, and when to call each one.
  • Offer to create a card for the wallet of someone who needs language translation. This will help them speak with service providers.

Community support and health

  • Give extra support to older adults who have recently lost a spouse.
  • Offer support to a senior or caregiver; such as delivering groceries, cutting their grass, shoveling snow, walking their dog or providing care for an afternoon while the caregiver takes a break.


Participation and inclusion

Prevention and response to elder abuse

Transportation and mobility

  • Travel with confidence. Use the Go Here app to locate washrooms available to the public.
  • Offer to drive an older person to appointments, shopping, and to social occasions.

Project update

The City is working closely with community partners and Calgarians to implement the plan.