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Snow Angels


Snow Angels



Has someone helped shovel your sidewalk?,

Nominate your Snow Angel

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Snow Angels

Has someone helped shovel your sidewalk?

Nominate your Snow Angel

The City and Snow Angels

Snow Angels are individuals who shovel a neighbour’s sidewalk just to be a good neighbour. A Snow Angel can be especially helpful to older adults, people with limited mobility and anyone else needing help, even on a temporary basis.​

The City encourages the practice of being a snow angel to ensure pedestrian safety, as intended by the snow bylaw. And each year we recognize those who perform angel duties through our nomination process.

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How to be a Snow Angel

The City does not provide snow angels

While we do not have a list of snow angels to match with individuals,  The City can be a first point of contact to organize a snow angels program in your area. We often know of available resources and may be able to connect you with potential partners. If you’d like our help exploring options, contact us online or call 311.


To be a Snow Angel, all you have to do is adopt a neighbour’s sidewalk and keep it clear when it snows. Watch for people in your neighbourhood who could use help removing snow and lend them a hand.


Calgary schools are invited to coordinate a Snow Angels program with their students. It’s a great way for youth to serve their community, earn volunteer hours, and get fresh air and exercise throughout the winter.

Schools that register a Snow Angels program and provide us with the total number of angels when contacted, will receive a letter of recognition from The City.

How to nominate a Snow Angel

Nominate your snow angel to receive a letter of recognition from The City. Tell us about your angel online, by mail or phone.

  1. Nominate them online
  2. Send a letter telling us your Snow Angel story
  3. Call 311

If you nominate your Snow Angel online, please include your home address in the first information box that appears. Then, if you know the name, address and phone number of your Snow Angel, include them in the next information boxes. 

If you don’t know your Snow Angel’s name, we’ll send them a recognition letter addressed to “Snow Angel”. If you don’t know your Snow Angel’s address, we’ll send you the recognition letter to give to them.

The City of Calgary
Seniors Services - #104 
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2M5
Attn: Snow Angels​​​​​​​​​