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Strong Neighbourhoods


Strong Neighbourhoods

In neighbourhoods all across the city, there is a tremendous sense of pride among residents for their communities. The City of Calgary, in partnership with other organizations, is working to support neighbourhood residents and local businesses to identify the things that people love about their neighbourhood and would like to see developed. The City, residents and partner organizations work together to make these things happen.

There are different ways The City is working to build Strong Neighbourhoods.

  • The Strong Neighbourhoods Initiative - This resident-led community development approach targets eight Calgary communities to reach a set of specific targets over 10 years (2010 - 2020).
  • Enough for All, Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative - A joint initiative of The City of Calgary, the United Way of Calgary and Area, Momentum and Vibrant Communities Calgary to develop a long-term community-based strategy to significantly reduce poverty in Calgary. When neighbourhoods thrive, the people who live there also thrive.
  • Partnership work with United Way of Calgary and Area - By working together, United Way and The City of Calgary can provide stronger support to neighbourhood change and demonstrate the collaboration that is required to move this change forward.
  • This is my Neighbourhood – The City of Calgary will facilitate in-depth engagement with residents in neighbourhoods across Calgary to support the development of a clear and compelling community vision. That vision will allow The City to focus and align resources needed to help neighbourhoods create the kind of community they imagine.

Tools and Resources

Reflective Practice: A Way of Learning for Community Development Practitioners