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Fire Bans and Advisories

There is currently no fire ban or fire safety advisory in effect.

While there is a provincewide fire ban it does not apply to Calgary. Cities, towns, villages, summer villages and national parks are not included in this ban. These communities have their own authority to invoke fire bans based on their own risk assessments.

Current conditions in Calgary

With the events taking place in Fort McMurray, and all the attention on the hot conditions, it’s only natural for Calgarians to think that a fire ban needs to be in place. We have a fire advisory in place to create a heightened awareness of the need to be responsible; however the conditions simply do not exist in Calgary to warrant a fire ban.

Facts about the risk of fire in urban settings:
  • Rarely, if ever, has a grass fire been caused in Calgary by a fire pit or by a charcoal barbeque.
  • Most grass fires are started by improperly disposing of smoking materials.
  • Right now, Calgary is greening up, which dramatically reduces the risk of fire.
  • Cities have a much lower risk of grass fires than rural areas because of the type of trees and vegetation that exist in urban areas versus rural areas.
  • Urban areas are also at lower risk than rural areas because of bylaw restrictions on burning garbage and waste materials within city limits.
  • The use of outdoor cooking appliances can lead to house fires when used irresponsibly.
We continue to watch weather forecasts and conditions and will work with provincial partners to ensure Calgary is prepared for any changes to the fire risk.

Watch this page for the most up-to-date fire ban and advisory information for Calgary. We will post fire bans and fire advisories here when they are in effect.

Fire safety advisory

A fire safety advisory is issued to inform citizens about conditions which present a moderate to high fire risk. An advisory is usually issued before conditions lead to a fire ban. You may see a fire safety advisory issued for short-term conditions such as during major wind events, unusually dry conditions or hot temperatures.
Even if weather conditions, such as hot, dry and windy weather, change to include rain or snow, a fire safety advisory may remain in place because there is still an increased fire risk. The Calgary Fire Department is continually monitoring weather forecasts and conditions to ensure Calgary is prepared for any changes to the fire risk. We will update the status of a fire safety advisory or fire ban as needed.

Fire bans

A fire ban is issued to restrict or temporarily ban types of fire use within the city because of a high fire danger and poor air quality. Each fire ban will include a list of prohibited fire uses, such as use of fire pits, chimeneas, barbecues and other forms of open flame devices. The use of fireworks is not allowed at any time without a permit from the Calgary Fire Department, regardless of a fire ban.

Fines for violating a fire ban range from $500 to $5,000.

Fire bans outside of Calgary 

Every town, city, as well as forest areas in Alberta may have different legislation or bylaws for fire bans. It is important to read the details of a fire ban carefully and contact the city, town or Fire Department that issued the fire ban if you have any questions or concerns. For information on fire bans in Alberta, please visit

Contact 311 for more information on fire bans, advisories and permits.