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False alarm fees and rebates

If we respond to a fire alarm and it turns out that the call was the result of a non-emergency situation or faulty alarm system, we classify it as a false alarm. We may charge a fee for responding to a false alarm. We do not charge fees for calls where there is an active fire or if the fire has been put out prior to our arrival.

Most false fire alarms can be prevented by maintaining or modifying the alarm system, control of construction, maintaining and renovating buildings.

False Alarm Fees

False alarm fees are charged to the property owner, business owner, alarm supplier, property manager or person responsible. The fees are based on the number of false alarms that occur in a building or parcel of land in one calendar year:

  • First: No Charge
  • Second: $300
  • Third: $600
  • Four or more: $1000/alarm

It is mandatory to have a fire inspection done by a Fire Safety Codes Officer if you have four our more false alarms in one calendar year.

The routing of security alarms to the Fire Department is prohibited and will be subject to a fee of $1000 for each alarm.

False Alarm Rebates

If you've paid a fee for a false alarm in the past calendar year, you may qualify for reimbursement up to a maximum of 50% of the fee. To get a rebate you must provide documentation of the repair costs associated with improving the fire alarm system's performance.

We will also consider rebate requests involving the relocation of smoke detectors or a change of detector type in areas where activities are incompatible with smoke detection. We will not give rebates related to the regular maintenance or replacement of old or defective equipment.

Fees charged for having a security system routed to the Fire Department do not qualify for rebates.

If you have questions about the False Alarm Rebate Program or need advice from a Fire Inspector on how to prevent false alarms, please contact the Calgary Fire Department – Inspections and Investigations through 3-1-1. If you are outside of Calgary you can call 403-268-2489.

How to apply for a rebate

We start accepting applications for rebates after January 31 of the year after your fine was handed out.

Print and complete the Fire Fees Rebate Form and attach all invoices and documents related to the rebate. Mail the form and all documents to the address below before March 1 of the year following your fine.

Fire Fees Rebate Program
Calgary P.O. Box 2100, Stn. M, #48
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 2M5
Attn: False Alarm Rebate