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Mandatory fire safety plans for events

A fire safety plan must

A fire safety plan must comply with the Alberta Fire Code and include the following information:

  • Contact information. Provide the names (and titles, if appropriate) of the responsible parties and their phone numbers.
  • A site plan. This must include information on emergency vehicle access points and routes (minimum six metres wide), all emergency exits and escape routes, emergency signage, muster points (if applicable), the location of fire extinguishers and first aid kits and contingency plans for the disabled or physically impaired. Two copies of a floor/area layout must accompany the permit application (or electronic copy).
  • The site plan must also include:
    • The name of all streets or areas that are part of the special event.
    • The location and dimensions of stages, booths, cooking areas, bars, etc.
    • A list of all vendors, including details of operations (cooking and food service, retail souvenirs, etc.).
    • Location of tents, including dimensions.
    • Location of fencing, including location and dimensions of exits. Fenced-in compounds must feature a means of exit other than through the building or tent if an occupant load is required for the area.
  • Security. This can include:
    • The number of pay duty officers (Calgary Police Service), professional and/or volunteer security forces.
    • How volunteers will be identified, and their level of authority.
    • How security officers will open secured exits.
    • The occupant load of the facility and the anticipated attendance, and how an accurate count will be kept.
  • Announcements. A description of who will be making announcements, the type of audio or public address system that will be used and the content of announcements.


Building Owner’s Responsibilities for Fire Safety Equipment