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Construction and demolition site fire safety plans

The Alberta Fire Code requires buildings or parts of buildings undergoing construction or demolition to have a fire safety plan. This includes single family residential developments. Before work can be started, the fire safety plan must be submitted to us for acceptance in writing.

The owner, developer, or contractor is responsible for the fire safety plan until full occupancy.

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Information on who needs a plan, how to submit a plan, where to store them, and other requirements can be found on our fire safety plans page.

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What type of fire safety plan is needed?

For projects under $5,000, no fire safety plan is required.

Generic Small Building

For use in residential single family, semi-detached, or duplex buildings only. Builders can use one generic fire safety plan which covers the city.

Our generic small building template is a fillable pdf form. Once you have completed it, it must be uploaded to 311 for review and acceptance. Copies must be made by the builder and a copy of this fire safety plan must be posted on site for each building. This template is the only plan we accept for review.

Customized Site-Specific

A customized site-specific fire safety plan is required for each building.

The safety measures for hot works and hot surface applications need to be described in the required fire safety plan.

Our customized site-specific guide is used to develop a fire safety plan. Once a plan is completed, it must be uploaded to 311 for review and acceptance.


Creating fire safety plans

To help you create your Fire Safety Plan we supply each building and business with the following information and documents. This information should be stored in a binder labeled “Fire Safety Plan”.


Fire Safety Plan Resources

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For more information about developing a Fire Safety Plan, contact Fire Inspections and Investigations by calling 311 from within Calgary or at 403-268-2489 if calling from outside Calgary.

Safety measures

Minimum safety measures at construction or demolition sites include

  • Accessibility for emergency crews
  • All hydrants must be operable and kept free from obstructions
  • Standpipe connections must be identified and accessible
  • Site must be kept clear of combustible debris
  • Site must be secured
  • Contractors must provide fire extinguishers at accessible locations