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Finding needles or condoms

Safe needle and condom disposal

If you find needles or condoms on the street or in a park, please contact the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) at 9-1-1, so they can be disposed of safely. They are treated as a biohazard due to the presumed high risk lifestyle of a street level drug user. Do not touch the needle or condom and if possible, please stay with the needle or condom in order to direct the CFD to the exact location.

Home injection needles or self-medicating needles are not considered to be a biohazard and can be placed in a puncture-resistant container with a secure tight-fitting lid and disposed of with your household garbage.

Needle safety

The needle safety program began in response to a high-level concern about the presence of discarded used needles in school yards, playgrounds, and parks and the chance that children and adults could accidentally be injured by them.
A number of City of Calgary departments and community groups organized a committee to create a solution. The needle safety program was developed and is working today to make Calgary's streets safer for everyone.

Safe street boxes

Safe streets boxes are placed in various locations throughout Calgary for citizens to dispose of used needles. The installation of the boxes is done following requests from the community and discussion of the surrounding issues raised.
To open discussions for the installation of a box, please call 311 or 403-268-2489 if calling from outside Calgary.​​