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Southeast Cemetery

Location map for the Southeast Cemetery

The City of Calgary is planning for a new City cemetery. The new cemetery will be situated to the east of Ralph Klein Park in the southeast quadrant of Calgary.

A Final Preferred Concept

A final preferred concept has been designed for the new City cemetery based on all the input collected during public engagement in 2014. Within the concept, the desires and concerns expressed during engagement have been considered and addressed wherever possible. For instance, the preferred concept features a curvilinear design for the new cemetery’s layout to build on the site’s existing natural and constructed wetlands. This was done in direct response to citizens feedback to integrate, but also protect, existing wetlands in the area.

The preferred concept also proposes a mix of formal and informal areas with transition zones between them to accommodate a range of interment options. This design feature meets Calgary’s diverse population needs as highlighted in the engagement feedback.

For more on how the preferred concept incorporates the feedback and ideas we received during public engagement, read the What We Heard/What We Did report.

Public Engagement

On Thursday May 1, 2014, The City held a public open house to hear input and feedback from citizens on three different design concepts for the new cemetery. For those who weren’t able to attend the open house, an online survey was available to review the concepts and provide input and feedback. The survey closed on June 1, 2014.

Major themes that emerged from the public engagement include:

  • A Made in Alberta solution - Spaces that build off and enhance the prairie landscape, integration and protection of existing natural features (wetland), and maximizing the view to the west.
  • A Place for All - Balancing formal and informal spaces, balance spaces for contemplation and appropriate use (walking paths), meeting the needs of Calgary’s diverse cultural communities, and ensuring adequate maintenance and security.
  • Celebration of Life - Interest in a celebration building, interest in multi-faith chapel.

For a detailed summary of the input provided, please see the response summary.
For a verbatim listing of the input provided, please see the verbatim responses.

What Happens Next

Work Construction at the site will begin in 2018. The Southeast Cemetery is scheduled to open in late 2019..

About the new cemetery

The new cemetery will be the first new cemetery built by The City since 1940, when Queen’s Park Cemetery opened in Calgary’s northwest.

The new cemetery is expected to open in late 2019, and is envisioned to be a contemporary public space that offers Calgarians a peaceful place to lay their loved ones to rest, pay their respects and connect with nature.


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