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Prairie Winds Park Redevelopment

Construction for the redevelopment of Prairie Winds Park is underway. Throughout the remainder of this year and into 2017, areas of the park will be closed to the public due to the construction.View map of area closures. Some of these areas include:

  • The east end of the north parking lot
    Parking will be available on the west side of the lot, as well as on the street and in the southeast lot.
  • The Park Centre Building and washrooms
    Port-a-potties will be available for public use in north parking lot.
  • North Playground
    The playground in the north part of the park is closed for construction. A new urban playscape will replace the existing playground. The playground in the south part of the park will remain in the park and is open to the public during construction.
  • Tennis Courts
    The tennis courts have been relocated to the SE corner of the park.

As construction progresses, other areas of the park will be closed, in addition to the ones listed above. Information will also be posted here at and shared on Twitter using #prairiewindspark. Please check back regularly for updates.

Public Engagement

The City of Calgary began engaging citizens on the redevelopment of Prairie Winds Park in 2014. In early 2015, a preferred design concept was created based on the public's feedback and taken to City Council for approval. City Council approved the concept and Design Development Plan. Throughout 2015, Parks has been working on a detailed design for the park, which is now complete and ready for construction.

During public engagement, we heard from citizens that they wanted a park that:

  • Is accessible and welcoming to people of all ages, cultures and abilities;
  • Provides a range of active and passive space that can be used year-round;
  • Provides structures and services to make the park comfortable;
  • Include spaces for families and communities to gather and celebrate;
  • Ensure pathways are well connected;
  • Protect and enhance the park's unique character, and;
  • Provide places to play, learn and grow.

We listened and designed a park that will:

  • Retain the toboggan hill and add a lookout at the top;
  • Move the existing tennis courts to a new location;
  • Create a new main entry plaza;
  • Create a new expanded playscape;
  • Replace the existing wading pool with a new wading pool and lazy river feature;
  • Renovate and expand the existing park centre building;
  • Fix existing drainage problems and improve accessibility on existing pathways;
  • Replace the existing baseball diamond with a family sized/junior cricket pitch;
  • Add seasonal washrooms in the park, install drinking fountains, provide more seating areas and install a tandoori oven;
  • Upgrade open spaces to accommodate events and festivals;
  • Reclaim area where artificial creek is for passive park uses;
  • Add more picnic shelters;
  • Add fitness stations and additional entry points.

The park will also contain a public art element.

For more information on our engagement for this project, visit