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TD Outdoor Learning Centre

Outdoor classroom
TD’s Deputy Chair Frank McKenna, Parks Director Anne Charlton and Mayor Naheed Nenshi officially launched the Outdoor Learning Classroom on April 2, 2014

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a special place for Calgarians of all ages. In 2014, Calgary Parks, with the help of the TD Bank Group, announced the addition of a new outdoor learning centre to make the sanctuary even more remarkable and unique. This outdoor classroom will allow Parks to expand its programs that teach children about nature and the environment.

In 2012, the sanctuary hosted over 30,000 children and adults through school and nature programs. Some of these programs were offered at a viewing platform that was destroyed in the 2013 flood. The learning centre will allow Parks to increase school program attendance, and will provide additional space for adult programs through an expanded season.

“The outdoor school at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary will set the foundation for hundreds of Calgary children to foster an appreciation of nature in our urban environment, and will lead to healthier attitudes towards nature among generations to come” - Mayor Nenshi.

It’s important to Calgary Parks to provide opportunities for children to go outside and to foster a love for nature. Spending time outdoors is a part of healthy childhood development. Children who are connected to nature have a better sense of the world around themselves. They not only reap benefits for their own well-being, but develop a better understanding of the impact of their actions on the environment.

About the learning centre

The outdoor learning centre will be a small building with special conservation features and natural aesthetics as focal points for students. The structure is designed with the intention of giving guests the feeling they are learning outdoors while inside a classroom setting. To do this, one side of the building will be a wall of windows with the ability to open like a garage door, providing excellent views of the lagoon and surrounding natural area.

The building will have a footprint slightly larger than a two-car garage, and will be built in an area that has been previously used for construction staging to ensure minimal impact to the sanctuary's birds and other wildlife.

classroom rendering

The Litter Cleanup Kit Program

As part of their gift to The City, TD also committed to a three-year sponsorship of the newly launched Parks Litter Cleanup Kit Program. The Litter Cleanup (TLC) Kit is a new City program that aims to put simple tools in the hands of Calgarians to inspire them to become stewards of their parks and natural areas.