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Calgary pathways and bikeways map


The Calgary pathways & bikeways map identifies pathways, bikeways and trails within Calgary. The map is available as a mobile app, online, and in hardcopy.

Mobile app

The mobile app has recently been updated and is now compatible with both android and iOS devices.To download the Pathways and Bikeways app:

Google Play App Store
iTunes App Store

The app includes up-to-date information including sections of recently constructed pathway, the cycle track network, and social media feeds.

New functionality such as GPS location capability and embedded pathway closures and detours are additional enhancements.

The app features links to helpful information such as Parks events, Park ‘n’ Bike locations, and educational videos.


The updated Pathways and Bikeways map is also available online with the same great features and up-to-date information as the app. Please note that we are making tweaks to final development of the map (both the app and online versions). As a result, you may occasionally encounter a minor disruption lasting a couple of minutes. Thank you for your patience while we work to finalize the map.

Paper copies

Paper copies of the 2012 pathway & bikeways map are available at all City of Calgary Recreation Aquatic and Fitness and Leisure Centres. Please note that although the hardcopy contains accurate information, it not as up-to-date as the mobile app or the online version. An updated paper map will be available in 2016.