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Calgary pathways and bikeways map

Calgary pathways and bikeways map

The Calgary pathways & bikeways map identifies pathways, bikeways and even trails within Calgary. The map is available in paper, electronic, interactive and now a mobile app. Before heading out on the pathways remember to check for current detours and closures.  

Paper map copies

Paper copies of the current pathway & bikeways map are available at all City of Calgary Recreation Aquatic and Fitness and Leisure Centres. The paper copies of the current pathways & bikeways map are kindly sponsored by B&P Cycle, Campione and Patagonia.

Electronic map

Download your electronic copy of the pathways and bikeways map today! As the map has so much information in it, it is quite large and may take a while to load.

Mobile app

The mobile app not only provides a convenient and efficient way for Calgarians to navigate the pathway and on-street bikeway system but also provides an environmentally-friendly means to do so.

The app features include detour routes/closures, safety messages, information about parks and links to Twitter and Facebook.

To download the Pathways and Bikeways mobile application, please visit or the iTunes store. The app is currently available only to Apple products.

Interactive online map

The online interactive map is your detailed guide to marked bicycle lanes, bicycle routes, regional pathways and other important information to aid in your commute throughout the city. Zoom in and select just the features you want to see - such as Park 'N' Bike locations or Regional Pathway snow removal.