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Pathway closures

Pathway in Prince's Island

Closures and detours are now included directly within the Pathway and Bikeway online map and on the mobile app. All posted closure dates are weather dependent and subject to change.

Last Updated: 2016 September 23

Downtown pathway closures:

No closures at this time.

NE pathway closures:

11 St. & 25 Ave. N.E. - closure/detour map

Duration: July 18 - October 18
Purpose: utility upgrades by local utility company

80 Ave. & Metis Tr. - closure/detour map

Duration: until Fall 2016
Purpose: site development along Metis Tr., not detour provided

Monterey Park Greenway - closure/detour map

Duration: September 26 until further notice
Purpose: utility upgrades by local utility company

NW pathway closures:

Rocky Ridge (Rocky Ridge Gr. to Rocky Ridge Blvd.) - closure/detour map

Duration: until September 9
Purpose: lifecycle restoration

Bowmont Park (53 St.) - closure/detour map

Duration: September 6 - October 30
Purpose: bridge construction

112 Ave. N.W. (Inlands Athletic Park) - closure/detour map

Duration: July 7 - November 2016
Purpose: Roadway re-alignments along 112 Ave. N.W.

Crowchild Tr. Pedestrian Bridge - closure/detour map

Duration: April 1 - October 30
Purpose: bridge maintenance - temporary delays up to 15 minutes at a time

Scenic Acres (Scenic Acres Dr. to Scenic Glen Gate) - closure/detour map

Duration: June 15, 2015 - November 2016
Purpose: construction of new school

Bowfort Rd. & 83 St. N.W. - closure/detour map

Duration: until further notice
Purpose: Construction of interchange

SE pathway closures:

McKenzie Towne Blvd.- closure/detour map

Duration: September 19 - 25
Purpose: work on nearby manhole

Elbow River Pathway / 7 St. S.E.- closure/detour map

Duration: August 22 - October 30
Purpose: riverbank restoration under MacDonald Bridge

Shawville Blvd.- closure/detour map

Duration: until further notice
Purpose: Closed for site development along Shawville Blvd. S.E.

Stoney Tr. SE & 114 Av. S.E.- closure/detour map

Duration: until further notice
Purpose: Closed due to hazardous conditions on path. No detour available at this time.

Douglasdale (Douglas Park Manor)- closure/detour map

Duration: until November 20
Purpose: bank stabilization work

McKenzie Lake Escarpment- closure/detour map

Duration: until further notice
Purpose: unsafe pathway conditions

Acadia Dr. & Canyon Meadows Dr.- closure/detour map

Duration: May 30 - until further notice
Purpose: utility line work performed by local utility company

Ogden Road - Bonnybrook Bridge underpass - closure/detour map

Duration: April 11 until further notice
Purpose: Utility line work. Pathway remains open but expect delays up to 15 minutes.

Inglewood/St. Patrick's Island - closure/detour map

Duration: March 7 until further notice
Purpose: Bank stabilization and bridge rehabilitation work

Old Refinery Park / Beaverdam Flats - closure/detour map

Duration: until December 2016
Purpose: flood damage closure and environmental remediation

Glenmore Trail & 52 St.- closure/detour map

Duration: until further notice
Purpose: Road construction. No detour available

Glenmore Trail & Ogden Rd. - closure/detour map

Duration: until further notice
Purpose: Road construction; Part of the Glenmore-Ogden Interchange Project

SW pathway closures:

River Park - closure/detour map

Duration: September 12 until further notice
Purpose: park rehabilitation, project info

Glenmore Dam (north and south side) - north side detour map / south side detour map

Duration: May 24 until further notice
Purpose: Glenmore Dam rehabilitation project

MacLeod Tr. & 162 Ave. S.W. - closure/detour map

Duration: until Fall 2016
Purpose: phased roadway work to install interchange

Douglas Fir Trail - closure/detour map

Duration: until further notice
Purpose: unsafe conditions, more info

The pathway closures listed are currently closed due to construction or hazardous conditions. Pathways not listed are considered open.

For pathway closures related to the 2013 June flood and their restoration timeline, please visit the Restoring flood damaged pathways page.

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