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Pathway snow clearing

pathway snow removal

Not all pathways are cleared of snow. Of the 850 km of pathways that exist city-wide, Council has approved snow clearing for up to 400 km.

Calgary Parks has committed to clearing the approved pathways within 24 hours of when the snow stops falling and on sidewalks adjacent to parks within 72 hours.

Sidewalks adjacent to private property are to be cleared by the owner or occupant of the adjacent property. Learn more about bylaws related to snow and ice.

Pathways and sidewalks cleared of snow

The Snow and Ice Control tab in the Pathways, Trails and Bikeways map identifies which pathways and sidewalks are cleared of snow.

To request clearing of an approved pathway or sidewalk adjacent a park, please call 311 or submit an online request.

Request snow removal on a pathway

Pathways and sidewalks in East Village, St. Patrick’s Island and along the Riverwalk are cleared by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation. Clearing requests must be made to CMLC directly by email or by calling 403-718-0300.

Do you have a snow or ice concern not related to pathways? Please visit Report snow and ice concerns online to report your issue.

Snow clearing maps

The detailedsnow and ice control maps indicate the pathways, sidewalks and overpasses that are cleared by specific City departments.

How we determine which pathways to clear

The following criteria is used to determine which pathways should be cleared of snow:

  • Pathway use during winter.
  • The steepness of the pathway and the safety of both citizens who use the pathway and crews who maintain it.
  • Whether the pathway is required for access to LRT stations, schools, business districts or recreation centres.
  • Whether the pathway connects to or is part of the primary cycling network.

Some trails/pathways, due to the steepness of the slope or site conditions, are best used only during the non-winter months and are not snow cleared due to safety concerns for pathway users and crews who maintain them. Parks discourages citizens from clearing pathways that are steep and unsafe for snow removal, and may become extremely icy during melt/freeze conditions.