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Weeds and plants

Weeds aren't the only problem a gardener in Calgary faces – invasive ornamental plants can sometimes disguise themselves as pretty flowers and wreak havoc on our urban and wild landscapes.

Weeds and plants to watch out for

Dandelions and quackgrass are a nuisance but there are a number of more serious threats to consider on our home landscapes in Calgary. Invasive ornamentals may look nice but they choke other desirable garden species, take over flower beds and lawns, and spread rapidly between yards and parks.

Weeds and other invasive plants not only have serious and unfortunate impacts on your immediate environment - they affect many areas of Alberta's economy and ecology. By encouraging the establishment and spread of these sneaky invaders, we risk:

  • Altering natural plant communities and reducing both animal and plant diversity.
  • Degrading bird, fish and wildlife habitats.
  • Changing water flow, availability and quality.
  • Increasing challenges to food production (including price hikes to compensate for increased weed control.)
  • Potentially reducing the aesthetic, tourism and property values of infested areas within the city.

That's why The City is shining a spotlight on attractive ornamental weeds that Calgarians need to be aware of.

Have you seen these common weed offenders?

Common weeds and invasive plant information

The City of Calgary has partnered with local garden centres to provide alternatives to ornamental invasive plant species.

For more information on how The City tackles invasive plants, visit Invasive Plant Prevention and Management.