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Accessibility of Recreation facilities

Pool lift

One of the building blocks of Recreation for LIFE service approach is creating a supportive, inclusive environment; in which facilities are physically accessible and welcoming. Calgary Recreation recognizes the importance of continually reviewing and improving our facilities; and incorporates accessibility improvements as part of facility lifecycle projects. 

Currently, facilities have various levels of accessibility. Access is the continuous path of travel for people with disabilities and takes into consideration the customer’s experience - from parking lot to their chosen activity area. Therefore, the Facility Access List provides information on the parking, entrance, signage, washrooms and specific amenities within Calgary Recreation’s facilities to help you plan and find recreation that is accessible and useable for you.


Wheelchair access symbol
Access for people with limited mobility - wheelchair accessible
Blind / Low Vision symbol
Access for people who are blind or have low vision - white cane
Deaf / Hard of Hearing symbol
Access for people who are deaf or have hearing loss
Vision Loss symbol
Access for people with low vision or vision loss, including blindness - vision loss

Aquatic & Fitness Centres

  1. Acadia Aquatic & Fitness Centre
  2. Beltline Aquatic & Fitness Centre
  3. Bob Bahan Aquatic & Fitness Centre
  4. Canyon Meadows Aquatic & Fitness Centre
  5. Foothills Aquatic Centre
  6. Glenmore Aquatic Centre
  7. Inglewood Aquatic Centre
  8. Killarney Aquatic & Recreation Centre
  9. Renfrew Aquatic & Recreation Centre
  10. Shouldice Aquatic Centre
  11. Sir Winston Churchill Aquatic & Recreation Centre
  12. Thornhill Aquatic & Recreation Centre

Leisure Centres

  1. Southland Leisure Centre
  2. Village Square Leisure Centre

Arts Centres

  1. Northmount Pleasant Arts Centre
  2. Wildflower Arts Centre


  1. Ernie Starr Arena
  2. Father David Bauer and Norma Bush Arenas
  3. Frank McCool Arena
  4. Max Bell Centre
  5. Murray Copot Arena
  6. Optimist and George Blundun Arenas
  7. Rose Kohn and Jimmie Condon Arenas
  8. Shouldice Arena
  9. Stew Hendry and Henry Viney Arenas
  10. Stu Peppard Arena

Golf Courses

  1. Confederation Park
  2. Lakeview
  3. Maple Ridge
  4. McCall Lake
  5. Richmond Green
  6. Shaganappi Point

Sailing School

  1. Glenmore Sailing School