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Who does what

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Council and committees

Who does what

Council and Olympic Council Committee

Calgary City Council has created an Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Assessment Committee, comprised of Councillors Colley-Urquhart, Demong, Jones, Woolley, Farrell, and Magliocca, and the Mayor. This committee provides guidance on The City’s participation in the Olympic bid process.

Calgary Bid Exploration Committee (CBEC)

The Calgary Bid Exploration Committee (CBEC) was assembled to determine if it’s feasible for Calgary to successfully host the 2026 games and, if so, whether Calgary should enter the Olympic bid process. CBEC’s final report is available to review.

With the CBEC report completed, City Council needed more information to decide whether Calgary should bid for the 2026 OPWG. Beginning in August 2017, The City continued the exploration work on the costs, risks and benefits of bidding and hosting the Games.

Calgary 2026

In June 2018, an Olympic bid corporation was established, called Calgary 2026. The City of Calgary has three Board Members working with Calgary 2026 to develop a more detailed cost estimate, including venue-by-venue analysis, detailed government contributions and private sector partnerships. News on Calgary 2026:

Calgary 2026 will produce a Candidature File, or bid submission, which would be submitted to the International Olympic Committee in January 2019, if The City of Calgary and our partners decide to move forward with a bid and the IOC selects Calgary to become a 2026 Candidate City.