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2026 Olympics who does what



Who does what on the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games potential bid

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Council and committees

Who does what on the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games potential bid

Council and Olympic Council Committee

Calgary City Council has created an Olympic committee, comprised of Councillors Colley-Urquhart, Demong, Jones, Woolley, Farrell, and Magliocca, and the Mayor. This committee provides guidance on The City’s participation in the Olympic bid process.

The City of Calgary

The City is one of six core members that form a future Bid Corporation (BidCo). There is a City of Calgary project team in place that manages and coordinates the process. They manage the internal and external stakeholders as they relate to The City.

Calgary Bid Exploration Committee (CBEC)

The Calgary Bid Exploration Committee (CBEC) was assembled to determine if it’s feasible for Calgary to successfully host the 2026 games and, if so, whether Calgary should enter the Olympic bid process. CBEC’s final report is available to review.

With the CBEC report completed, City Council needed more information to decide whether Calgary should bid for the 2026 OPWG. Beginning in August 2017, The City continued the exploration work on the costs, risks and benefits of bidding and hosting the Games.

Bid Corporation (BidCo)

BidCo is a corporation formed to prepare and complete the information required to submit a bid for the 2026 games, should Calgary choose to pursue a bid.

The creation of a BidCo is a standard practice in the Olympic bidding process. BidCo will deliver several items, including a Bid Book, if Calgary decides to bid and is then invited to bid on the 2026 Olympic Games.

BidCo’s members (The City of Calgary, The Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta, the Town of Canmore, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and the Canadian Paralympic Committee), working with the BidCo team, will coordinate the planning for the Games’ delivery. This includes a more detailed financial cost estimate, and communicating the proposed bid to the public, governments, the IOC and other stakeholders.

Who makes up BidCo?

The proposed members of BidCo each have the right to elect individuals to sit on BidCo’s Board of Directors, as follows:

  • City of Calgary (may elect three Directors)
  • Government of Alberta (may elect three Directors)
  • Government of Canada (may elect three Directors)
  • Canadian Olympic Committee (may elect three Directors)
  • Town of Canmore (may elect one Director)
  • Canadian Paralympic Committee (may elect one Director)

The members will also elect five at-large Directors, including the Board Chair. The selection of Board Chair requires a vote of support from City of Calgary, Government of Alberta, Government of Canada, and the Canadian Olympic Committee, while the other four at-large Directors will be elected by the members on a consensus basis. The at-large Directors would include at least two Indigenous representatives.