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Potential bid for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

On July 31, 2017 City Administration presented their evaluation of Calgary Bid Exploration Committee's (CBEC) work and their recommendations to Council. Council’s decision determined the work will transition from an Exploration Phase to an Invitation Phase. The Invitation Phase allows The City to address the Council endorsed five Principles.

To guide this work we have created a work plan, governance structure and timeline.

Work Plan

A work plan has been developed in consultation with the CBEC and the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) which addresses the five Principles by focusing on the following areas:  

  1. Vision - this work will strategically link the goals and objectives of The City, the region, the province and the federal government in a vision for a potential 2026 Olympic Paralympic Winter Games. This will identify the opportunities and benefits to Calgarians and Canadians with a focus on inclusivity and value through a substantiated return on investment.
  2. Government Relations – Our government relations strategy will focus on connecting and collaborating with the federal, provincial, regional orders of government, First Nations and Metis.
  3. COC/ IOC - We will work with the Canadian Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee (IOC) to better understand the Host City Contract, financial requirements, guarantees and potential opportunities.
  4. Analysis and Recommendation – We will review all findings throughout the Invitation Phase and assess the financial viability, risk, stakeholder and government support along with the International Olympic Committee requirements to determine if there is a justifiable level of benefit to declare an intent to bid on the 2026 Olympic Paralympic Winter Games.

There will be work streams consisting of staff, advisory team members and external contractors, as required, to address this work.

Governance Structure

A governance structure was developed for the Invitation Phase in consultation with the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee and the Canadian Olympic Committee and focuses on a structure to best address the five Principles with consideration to continuity of intelligence from the previous Phase.

Timeline/Next Steps

Administration began work on the Invitation Phase immediately following Council’s decision. A Council update will be provided no later than Q1 of 2018, ahead of the IOC invitation to bid deadline of 2018 October.

Questions and Answers:



Exploration Phase Project Updates

July 31, 2017

On July 31, 2017, City Administration presented their recommendation to City Council. City Council adopted Administration’s recommendation, as outlined in Attachment 3 of the report, which would see The City of Calgary not moving forward with a bid for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games unless certain Principles can be satisfied.

July 24, 2017

On July 24, 2017, CBEC presented their findings and final recommendation which concluded that hosting a 2026 Olympic Paralympic Games is feasible. 

Due to the competitive nature of this work and in respecting confidential information as it relates to venue operators/other key stakeholders, it is integral to keep parts of CBEC’s final report confidential. Administration wants to ensure a transparent process is followed and to this end will share as much information as possible.

July 18, 2017

CBEC has written a Report to Citizens which provides a summary of their findings.

June 19, 2017

At the June 19 Strategic Session of Council, CBEC presented their research and investigation techniques to help citizens and Council understand the process they undertook to determine if a 2026 Olympic Paralympic Winter Games bid was feasible and prudent.

The City’s evaluation team has reviewed CBEC’s submission, as well as, a consultant and academics. The results of these evaluations helped to inform Administration’s recommendation which were presented on July 31.

May 16, 2017

CBEC has released the results of a formal quantitative survey that was launched in an effort to understand public opinions surrounding a potential 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (OPWG) bid. Almost 2,000 respondents from Calgary, Canmore, Banff and Cochrane were surveyed via telephone and online, and asked a series of questions about a potential 2026 OPWG bid.