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Birthday parties at Village Square Leisure Centre

How to book a birthday party

Birthday Parties
  1. Choose a date for the party. Pick an alternate date in case your first choice is unavailable.
  2. Choose a first and alternate party type.
  3. To book the party, call 403-366-3905 or e-mail You will be contacted by a booking representative within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) to confirm the booking.
  4. The full base package price is charged at the time of booking.
  5. You are welcome to bring your own food, drinks, and supplies.

The maximum room occupancy for all parties is 35 guests (children and adults combined). See below for party details.

Party rates and times

Available times: Friday afternoons and all day Saturdays and Sundays. Parties cannot be booked on holidays.
Base Cost for all parties: $166.00 for the first 10 children
Additional Children: $10.00 each
Additional Adults: $6.25 (Swim party)*

*Surf’s Up Swim party includes 2 free adult admissions. Additional adult rate is a 50% discount on our adult water park rate for all swimmers and spectators when booked with the party.

Types of parties

surfs up party

Surf's up Swim Party

Enjoy two hours of parent supervised swimming in the water park during public swim times and one hour in a private room for meals, cake, and gift opening (subject to availability).

Ages: All ages (minimum ratio of one adult for every three children that are under the age of 7)

Please be aware that our pool may be temporarily closed by Alberta Health Department. The length of closure can vary from 30 minutes to 24 hours due to the nature of the closure. If this occurs, we apologize for the inconvenience. The Thunder slide will be closed if the outdoor temperature is -10 Celsius or below.

Jump and Dodge Party

Jump’N Dodgeball Party

Play in our inflatable dodgeball bouncer and which has two sides separated by an inflated partition. Four soft dodgeballs are provided. We recommend 2-3 children per side. You will have two hours to play, eat, and open gifts in this room.

Ages: Walking - 10 years (max. 15 children)

jungle gym party

Jungle Gym Party

Climb, jump, and crawl on our vibrant indoor play structure that is on a safe and soft surface. This party includes one hour with the jungle gym and one hour in a private room for meals, cake, and gift opening.

Ages: Walking - 6 years (max. 20 Children)


sports party

Sport Party

Bring your group for one hour of sports in our gym and one hour in a private room for meals, cake, and gift opening. You get the choice of basketball, indoor soccer, or ball hockey. Equipment provided for two teams of five.

Ages: All (max. 15 children)


obstical course party

Obstacle Course Party

Our 40’ long inflatable obstacle course lets children jump, race, or run through pop-ups, tunnels, climbing walls, and slides. You get one hour with the course and one hour in a private room for meals, cake, and gift opening. We recommend two children through the course at a time. This is not a bouncer.

Ages: 4-12 years (max. 15 children)


Jungle bouncer Party

 Jungle Bouncer Party

Jump, climb, and slide in an enclosed 15’ x 15’ inflatable bounce house. You get one hour with the bouncer and one hour in a private room for meals, cake, and gift opening. We recommend only five children jumping at one time.

Ages: Walking - 12 years (max. 15 children)


Important notes:

  • Glass containers, silly string, piñatas and latex balloons are not permitted. Mylar balloons only are welcome.
  • All parties are subject to a $4.75 Risk Management Fee (included in prices).

The day of the party

Please have your guests meet inside the pool viewing deck and check in with our greeter at the birthday party table 15 minutes before your booked start time.

Once you check in, you will be given a bin with the child's name on it to store gifts, coats, small coolers, etc. When it's time for your booking, you will be shown the locations of your activity and private room.

Any additional party guests must be paid for before entering the paid area and you are responsible for greeting any late guests.

Please arrive at your designated space on time and please finish on time. Due to the volume of parties each day, we are unable to extend your booking should you be running late.

Food and drinks

You are welcome to bring food and drinks for your stay in the private party rooms.

  • We are unable to provide referigeration or cooking/heating facilities. Coolers are strongly recommended.
  • Do not bring cooking appliances such as crock pots, hot plates, etc.

How to cancel a party

Cancellations or changes must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of the party. To let us know you want to cancel, email, call 403-366-3905, or come into the facility. A $20 Admin Fee will be charged when you cancel. Failure to observe these deadlines will result in the renter being charged for the full cost of the rental.