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12 Street Bridge

A project-specific public art selection panel has selected artist Brandon Vickerd for the development and execution of a permanent public art project adjacent to the new 12 Street S.E. Bridge. The old 12th Street S.E. Bridge spans the Bow River on the south side of St. George’s Island and is in need of replacement due to its age and deteriorated physical condition. The bridge, constructed in 1908, was originally designed to carry horses and pedestrian traffic to St. George’s Island. Currently, it provides access to and from 9 Avenue S.E. to Memorial Drive for vehicle, foot and bicycle traffic. A new bridge will ensure this important link is maintained for the next 100 years.

Public Art Budget ​$220,000
Year Approved ​2016
​​Artist ​Brandon Vickerd
Expected Completion ​2018


Brandon Vickerd is a Hamilton-based artist and Professor of Sculpture at York University, where he also serves as Chair of the Department of Visual Arts and Art History. Purposely diverse, his studio work straddles the line between high and low culture, acting as a catalyst for critical thought and addressing the failed promise of a modernist future predicated on boundless scientific advancement. Whether through craftsmanship, the creation of spectacle, or humor, the goal of his work is to provoke the viewer into questioning the dominate myth of progress ingrained in Western world views.

He received his BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and his MFA from the University of Victoria.