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Ernie Starr Arena Public Art Project

The Public Art concept

ernie starr
This project will use a Community Cultural Development (CCD) approach to create public artwork for the Ernie Starr Arena (4808 14 Ave. S.E.) that celebrates the site and reflects the importance of this facility to the local community. CCD is an arts-based community building tool that promotes a sense of place, empowerment and public participation. The initiatives often address a community-based need and encourage participants to find and build common ground through participation in accessible, fun and thought-provoking participatory art experiences. The budget for this public art was $40,000, and it was completed in 2015.

The Artist

Michelle Getzlaf is a Calgary artist who works in the medium of glass mosaics. She specializes in community art and has worked as an Artist in Residence at many Calgary schools.

"The Ancient Art of Mosaics are currently being revived in a way that is both new and modern," says Getzlaf. "What excites me is reworking this ancient art form into something a little unexpected with a definite nod towards today's pop culture."

"I hope to achieve this with the Ernie Starr Arena art project in Forest Lawn," explains Getzlaf. "Located between a high school and local swimming pool, I will give the community something colourful, youthful and very vibrant. My inspiration came from the world of pop-art combined with a hit of popular Canadiana."

"Creating art for a hockey arena, almost a Canadian religion," says Getzlaf, "is something I want to acknowledge through this piece. I've invited the neighbourhood to participate with me and experience this wonderful ancient art form seen in a whole new way!"