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Fire Station 1 Public Art Project

​Fire Station 1 is located at 209 4 Ave SE. The Calgary Fire Department has redeveloped the park on top of Fire Station 1. The Fire Department and the Public Art Program felt that the addition of two-dimensional public art to the redeveloped industrial theme site will soften and enhance the park and appeal to park users.

The Public Art Concept

Fire Station 1 Art Concept
'Proposed banners for the Fire Station 1 Park

There are twelve light poles located within the park, each will display a graphic representing a month and season of the year. The designs will be based on the season representations collected during engagement with the community. An additional pole at the +15 entryway is dedicated to the Calgary Fire Department. This project is expected to be completed in 2017, with a public art budget of $4,750.

The artist chose to use the theme of ‘four seasons’ throughout the park in a variety of applications based on a number of considerations; such as use of the park, feel of the park, stakeholder considerations, project goals and patterns and repetitions in the elements of the park. The artist felt that from many vantage points, the built environment of the downtown core does not readily give indication to the seasonal change and that through the permanent nature of glass and concrete the passage of time is obscured.

Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and their respective combinations via addition, subtraction, division or by multiplying the numbers, are dominant throughout the park features. For example: there is one maintenance shed with three sides, two side walls of the entryway, one awning, four grate walls, three sides of the west tower that are visible to the passer-by, +15 use of the space, 12 light poles located within the park, five areas with soft landscaping, one chimney, etc. The artist also wanted to make sure that the design for the banner portion of the artwork and the design for the overall park would jive together. With consideration that there are 12 light poles located within the park and one at the +15 entryway, the artist decided that each pole will have graphic representing the month and the season of the year, totaling 12 months - separate graphics, that are based on the season representations collected during the Community Engagement as well as the artist’s personal sense of style, leaving one banner dedicated to the Calgary fire Department as the park itself is located on top of the fire station. The project is expected to be completed in 2017 and the public art budget for the project was $70,000.

The Artist

Sergey Ryutin was selected from the Painted City Roster and his concept was approved by a project-specific public art selection panel. He worked with the local community and with the project team and key stakeholders to develop the artwork.

The Painted City Artist Roster provides support to the local art scene by providing City departments a list of preapproved artists qualified for projects under $75,000.