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Open Spaces: Windows to a View

Open Spaces: Windows to a View offers local artists an opportunity to exhibit their art in a highly visible downtown location. The program, which began in 2009, celebrates the diversity and quality of Calgary artists, while enlivening the Centre Street LRT Platform on 7 Ave. between 1 St. and Centre St. SE.

In 2015, Alberta Printmakers organized the first Steam Roller Print Project event in Calgary to bring artists, students and the community together to celebrate culture in a collaborative event. Seven artists carved large-scale printing blocks utilizing traditional hand tools as well as electric carvers, saws and routers. These woodblocks were then printed using a construction steamroller as part of the annual Print it Yourself Festival.
Currently on display is the work of these artists, please see below for more information.

window exhibit
Eveline Kolijn, Scott Baird, Ashley Slemming & Alison Frank art displays.

Eveline Kolijn

Once Our Wells Run Dry, 2015
Woodcut on canvas
Collection of Alberta Printmakers

Eveline Kolijn is a Calgary-based print media and multidisciplinary artist. She experienced an international childhood and received a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from the Rijks Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands. In 1997 she immigrated to Canada with her family and became a Canadian citizen. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a BFA in print media in 2008 and is the recipient of the Governor General’s Academic medal.  She has exhibited and presented on her art nationally and internationally.

Scott Baird and Ashley Slemming

Oil Field Worker, 2015
Woodcut on canvas
Collection of Alberta Printmakers

Scott Baird is a Canadian Emerging Artist working in the disciplines of Drawing and Printmaking. His work focuses on critiquing the mass media, examining world issues, and reacting to current events. He is presently employed as the Studio Director at Alberta Printmakers.

Ashley Slemming was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She is currently working on completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Alberta College of Art and Design, majoring in Print Media. The subject matter and material Ashley chooses to address come from everyday life, often referring to home settings and memories.

Alison Frank

Sloth Auditions Boulevard, 2015
Woodcut on canvas
Collection of Alberta Printmakers

Alison Frank grew up in southwestern Saskatchewan outside a ghost town called Bateman.  Alison studied at University of Regina where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2001.  In 2004, she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Louisiana State University.  She currently lives in Calgary.  Her work focuses on the development of playful and absurd combinations of small creatures that co-exist in a state of odd logic. The creatures share a vulnerable, somewhat fragile quality, yet are assigned vital force in their existence.

InkSmashed display
InkSmashed display


Bison, 2015
Woodcut on canvas and wood block
Collection of Alberta Printmakers

InkSmashed Artists are a drawing group that consists of three Calgary born visual artists:    Joel Monea, Helen Young, and Mark Eadie. Upon completing their studies at the Alberta    College of Art and Design they quickly realized that they had a strong artistic connection and proceeded to collaborate on an abundance of illustrations and artwork.
While the trio came into existence due to their shared formative experience, their different perspectives bring unique ideas to the table. Their strong passion for drawing and producing work is saturated with humour and a bizarre, uninhibited surrealism.  Organic flow is prominent during the art making process as there are no rules. Problem solving and trust guide their artistic vision to create distinct, cohesive pieces.

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