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Trans-Canada Highway-Bowfort Road Public Art

Supermass Studio (Taewook Cha) along with professional artists Del Geist and Patricia Leighton have been selected and are designing a permanent public art project at the new Trans Canada Highway/Bowfort Road N.W. Interchange.

artist sketch

This segment of the Trans Canada Highway (16 Avenue North), between the west city limits and Sarcee Trail, is the primary entrance to Calgary from British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains. The public art pieces are designed to capture the essence, personality and history of this location.

On the south side of the highway, the four Bowfort Towers created by artist Del Geist feature Rundle Rock stones (found only in Alberta), placed mid-way up the steel towers where they appear to be floating. These unique ‘specimen stones’ are from the personal collection of geologist Louis Kamenka at the Kamenka Quarry near Canmore. Learn more about the artists' concept.

earthworks element

The earthworks element of the public art, designed by artist Patricia Leighton and landscape architect Taewook Cha of Supermass Studio, is located on the north side of the highway and creates a fusion of the past and present, echoing the spirit of place and energy of the land. The landscape will bear the markings of glaciers and relate to the drumlins, a Gaelic word for rounded hill or mound. The land art will lead the viewer through the landscape eastwards into the city of Calgary, and westward to the Rocky Mountains.

Public Art Budget ​$500,000​
Year Approved ​2015
​​​Artists Supermass Studio
Del Geist
Patricia Leighton
Expected Completion ​Fall 2017