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Redevelopment of Glenmore Athletic Park

There is currently a concept plan in place to redevelop Glenmore Athletic Park. The proposed redevelopment includes overall facility, site and infrastructure improvements to ensure the athletic park remains usable, safe and consistent with what sport and recreation groups have said they need in an athletic park.

Current Project Status

This project is currently awaiting funding through The City's budget prioritization process. Investments in City-operated recreation facilities are strategic and aim to balance existing infrastructure with growth and maintenance requirements within limited resources.

For more information about the development of Glenmore Athletic Park, please read these Questions & Answers

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Tennis Court Replacement

Construction of the tennis courts at Glenmore Athletic Park is now complete. The courts replace an existing amenity that has been decommissioned due to age and condition. Options for repurposing the site of the old tennis courts are currently being investigated.


Phase 1 of the Concept Plan for Glenmore Athletic Park identifies the need for the relocation and reconstruction of the outdoor tennis courts.
Replacement of the courts is funded by the Sport Facility Renewal Funding Program to accommodate tournaments and instructional programming. Please note that further redevelopment is currently unfunded.
For more information, please read these Questions & Answers or contact Facility Bookings.

50 Avenue S.W. Corridor Study

The concept planning process for Glenmore Athletic Park brought forward public concerns around parking, traffic and accessibility. We are currently conducting a transportation corridor study of 50 Avenue S.W. between Crowchild Trail and 14A Street, to explore issues and opportunities for accessing the area. 
The study will identify current issues and concerns with 50 Avenue S.W. and provide recommendations for future improvements. For more information about the corridor study please visit the 50 Avenue S.W. Corridor Study webpage.
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