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Shouldice Athletic Park Artificial Turf Restoration and Resiliency Project

The 2013 Flood caused damage to all three artificial turf (AT) fields at Shouldice Athletic Park. While interim repairs allowed for their continued use, a permanent solution is required to ensure the longevity of the fields for future generations of athletes.

In 2014, The City of Calgary hired a consultant to investigate the extent and cause of the damage. Results show that significant groundwater movement during the flood displaced sub base materials, causing sinkholes and surface depressions. Frost movement, exacerbated by the natural geology of the river valley and Calgary’s unique climate, also contributed to heaving.

The consultant recommended that all three fields be replaced. Resiliency measures have also been recommended to prevent future damage.

Schedule Change*

The project began with Phase 1 (Encana Field) in the spring of 2016. Originally, construction was planned to occur in three phases:

 Phase 1: Encana Field (2016)
 Phase 2: Hellard Field (2017)
 Phase 3: Stampeder Field (2018)
This staggered approach was intended to ensure two fields remained playable at all times. However, we have received feedback from some residents and sport groups that an expedited solution is preferable, and so have altered the construction schedule to complete all three fields a year early (by the fall of 2017).

While an expedited construction schedule means the duration of the project will be significantly decreased, it does mean that two fields will be offline for the 2017 season (Hellard and Stampeder).

We are doing our best to push ahead construction during the off season while weather allows. Work will begin on Stampeder Field at the end of October, 2016. Work will then begin on Hellard Field at the end of November, weather permitting.  

Impacts to Users

Two natural turf rectangular fields (fields 17 and 18) will be closed for the duration of the project. The fields are needed for material storage and staging during restoration of the artificial turf fields.

We will work closely with sport groups to find alternate locations during the closure. Some groups may not get their first location choice but we are confident we are able to accommodate all bookings.

There will be some temporary service disruptions (i.e. parking, lighting, site access); however, these will be planned and executed to occur at off peak times to minimize impacts to users.

Neighbouring Residents

Expediting this work to be completed a year early (in 2017) significantly reduces the duration of impacts to residents. For the remainder of construction, equipment vehicles will continue to access the site via Home Road N.W.

The City’s site management techniques are devised to yield results that are higher than industry standards for dust and debris control. In response to feedback, additional measures have been taken to reduce impacts to residents adjacent to the athletic park.

We ask for your patience as we work to minimize impacts to neighbouring residents. If you have questions, please contact 311.

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