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Village Square Leisure Centre Arena Upgrades

The City of Calgary Recreation is renovating the Village Square Leisure Centre Arenas to improve customer experience and increase energy efficiency.

Upgrades include:

  • Mechanical system and equipment upgrade
  • New concrete slabs
  • Replacement of boards and glass

How long will the facility be closed?

The Village Square Leisure Centre Arenas will be closed from April 1, 2017 until the end of December 2017.

Why is The City upgrading these arenas?

It is important to citizens to invest in community recreation facilities. Many of the City’s arenas were built 30 to 60 years ago and have long been an important part of the amateur ice sport scene in Calgary. As cornerstones for complete communities, we recognize the importance of quality recreation facilities for promoting the local economy, fostering cultural diversity and individual growth, and encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.

Can the arenas remain open during the upgrades?

Calgary Recreation and its consultants considered options to minimize the duration of the closure and/or allow for continued programming. However, the most cost-effective method with the least interruption to normal programming is to complete all upgrades at once. Staff are working to devise parallel programming at neighbouring City facilities.

What is the closest facility for customers to visit during the upgrades?

Village Square Leisure Centre staff are working with neighbouring City of Calgary recreation facilities to minimize impacts to users who may be displaced during the closure. We encourage users to explore programming and public skating at Stew Hendry/Henry Viney Arenas and Ernie Starr Arena.

How will this renovation impact reservations?

Calgary Recreation has developed capacity plans to accommodate our reserved facility users at other venues. We will continue to work closely with customers and our stakeholders in an effort to minimize impact.

How will 12-month pass holders be affected?

12-month pass holders at Village Square Leisure Centre will be able to access Stew Hendry, Henry Viney, and Ernie Starr arenas at regularly-scheduled public skate times.

How will the community be affected?

Construction may have temporary impacts on the community. Village Square Leisure Centre users may not have access to the facility via the arena entrance. Parking will be restricted in the parking lot and occasionally on the street.

We understand that construction creates additional dust and noise. We ask for your patience as we work to minimize impacts to neighbouring residents. The contractor adheres to The City  Community Standards Bylaw, 5M2004 for hours of operation, material storage and construction best practices, including dust mitigation.


Thousands of people use the Village Square Leisure Centre Arenas on a yearly basis for public skating, programs and lessons, indoor summer skate parks, and roller hockey. Built in 1981, Village Square Leisure Centre facility is more than 30 years old, and served over 394,000 people in 2016.

The City’s arenas, built mostly between the 1960s and 1980s, have long been an important part of the amateur ice sport scene in Calgary. Some arenas are in need of upgrades to prolong the life and ensure the continued use of these facilities. Upgrades are part of planned lifecycle maintenance for City-operated arenas and respond to user demand, while improving the functionality and efficiency of our arenas.

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The upgrades to Village Square Leisure Centre are funded in part by the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.