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Skatepark development

Skateboard parks “activate’ environments
Skateboard amenities strategy

We are working hard on designing and implementing skateparks throughout the city. TheSkateboard Amenities Strategy (SAS) provides the framework for achieving a city-wide network for future skateboard parks in Calgary.

Project update

In 2014, we held open houses in three quadrants in the city and collected input from an online survey to hear from Calgarians. As a result, the City selected eight sites for future construction, with support from the communities. See theSkateboard Park Site Selection Report for information on the selection process.

Selected sites:

Skatepark site selection report

Skatepark frequently asked questions

Engagement opportunities

  • Open House - Edgemont Community Centre
    Thursday February 5 - 6-8 p.m. 
    Drop in to learn about the Skatepark Design Concept and provide feedback

Public engagement is a process that allows citizens to get involved in public issues they care about. More importantly, it informs the decisions made by The City of Calgary.  Public engagement is critical to the success of the Skateboard Amenities Strategy: Implementation.

Skatepark Design Strategy Session

In 2014, we engaged the communities, residents and users in the initial planning and stages of the proposed skatepark sites (communities listed above). The draft concept drawings have incorporated the feedback and preferences heard from previous engagement activities and design workshops. 

While the concept drawings represent the community preferences and individuality to date, the open houses are another opportunity to further customize these amenities.