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Preparing for an emergency with a hearing disability

​​​Major emergencies or disasters can happen in Calgary. Being prepared before disaster strikes is the best way to manage an emergency situation. For someone who is deaf or has a hearing impairment, preparing for an emergency may involve more specific planning. Download a copy of the Persons with Disabilities Guide or call 311 to have one sent to you.

Build an emergency kit

During a major emergency or disaster, responders may be busy assisting those in immediate need. A 72-hour kit holds basic supplies like food and water to support you in the first three days of an emergency. In addition to storing food, water, a First Aid kit, important documents and other basic items, you should start thinking about any additional items you might need in your kit. What do you use on a daily basis? What would you need if you had to leave your home for a long period of time?

  • Extra hearing aids and additional batteries - missing or damaged hearing aids will be difficult to replace or repair after a major disaster
  • Pen, paper and pre-printed messages
  • If applicable, store a three-day supply of food and water for your service animal

What else do I need to consider?

  • Maintain batteries in your TTY Devices
  • Familiarize yourself with all escape routes, emergency exits and emergency equipment in your home
  • Sign up to receive emergency alerts to stay informed in an emergency
  • Have an emergency plan
  • Make an emergency contact list with this Emergency Contact Sheet

Sign up to text with 9-1-1

Text with 9-1-1 is now available in Calgary! Sign up to text with 9-1-1 and learn more in the video below.


 Text with 9-1-1


Who do I call?

​Situation ​Contact
If you need police, a fire truck or an ambulance, phone or
text 9-1-1​
​403-233-2210 (TTY)
If you smell gas (often described as a “rotten egg” smell), phone or text 9-1-1 403-233-2210 (TTY)​
To reach the non-emergency police line​ 403-296-0443 (TTY)​
If the power goes out, use the TELUS Relay Service (TRS) to call ENMAX​ 7-1-1 to 403-514-6100​
If you need to contact ATCO’s emergency line, you can use TRS ​7-1-1 to 403-245-7222
For info about City services or to request CEMA’s printed materials​ ​403-268-4889 (TTY)
For more information or to make a suggestion about TTY services in Calgary​ 403-268-2205 (TTY)​


Household Emergency Action Plan

Plain Language Brochure

72-hour kit

Emergency Contact Sheet​​​