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READYCALGARY - Program Overview

READYCALGARY is a community preparedness program developed by the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) for the citizens of Calgary. It has been designed to inform, educate and build resiliency to the impacts of emergencies and disasters (an all-hazards approach). The information contained in this course will help to encourage your safety at home, in the workplace, neighbourhood and community. By participating in READYCALGARY, you and those you share this information with will be better prepared when facing these challenges in the future. The expectation is for community facilitators to use this program material as a valuable resource to share with others in their home, neighbourhood and community. By engaging with community members through READYCALGARY, CEMA aims to empower a resilient network of actively prepared citizens.

READYCalgary Individial Participants Manual
READY Calgary Community Participants Manual

Click on the images above to download the READYCALGARY Participant Manuals! (Note: these manuals are about 100 pages each) 


The READYCALGARY program aims to achieve three main goals for the citizens of Calgary:

  1. To actively engage and empower individuals to create a whole community.
  2. To educate and inform Calgarians on the importance of emergency preparedness.
  3. To develop forms of resilience to the negative impacts of future disasters.


This course, delivered in a workshop setting facilitated by CEMA, has been purposefully designed to reflect the diverse needs of its participants by dividing course material into two distinct sections:

Section 1: This section covers the fundamentals of emergency management particularly significant for individuals and families. As personal preparedness education and awareness is applicable to all, Section 1 is the foundation of this program.

Section 2: Further develops on the material in Section 1 to reflect the needs and requirements of a whole community. This section is for individuals interested in further contributing to their neighbourhood and community.


People who aim to be more prepared for future emergencies and disasters (all-hazards).

People who enjoy engaging with their neighbourhoods and communities.

People who enjoy learning in a team environment.


Due to the material and nature of the course, we recommend READYCALGARY participants are 18 years of age and over.

READYCALGARY aims to help you to support emergency services personnel in safeguarding Calgarians through an awareness of the crucial benefits of being better prepared, ready to respond, and how to support recovery efforts.

Note: For the purposes of this program, the term ‘community’ is all encompassing, referring to Calgary’s geographical communities, and the shared characteristics of specific groups, such as a faith-based, age-based and volunteer communities.


To sign up for an upcoming session, follow and complete the registration process and sign up via 311.

READYCALGARY workshops will be held at CEMA headquarters from 1730 to 2030 on the following dates in 2017:

May 16 - Section 1
May 23 - Section 2
September 12 - Section 1
September 19 - Section 2
October 3 - Section 1
October 10 - Section 2

Note that registration deadline is seven days prior to the session of choice. Late submissions cannot be guaranteed a space and sessions are subject to postponement or cancellation at the discretion of CEMA.

For more information on READYCALGARY, contact