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Snow and ice concerns

Snow Route parking ban sign 
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Report snow and ice concerns online

On public sidewalks and pathways that are adjacent to private land

Public sidwalks and pathways

Report snow and ice that has not been removed from residential sidewalks or pathways. Note: Residents have 24 hours after the snow has been deposited to remove snow or ice from public sidewalks and pathways. Learn more about bylaws related to snow and ice.

Report public sidewalk concern

On Calgary roadways, overpasses, bridges and stairs ​


Report snow removal requests on roadways, snow and ice causing flooding, snow fence inquiries, snow plowed onto a sidewalk and snow plowed windrows in front of the bus stop, snow plow concerns related to Snow Routes and sandbox refills at Calgary fire stations. Note: Residential roads will not be cleared until at least day four of a snow event. Learn more about The City's Snow and Ice Program.

Report roadway concern

On Deerfoot Trail/Stoney Trail north and south

Deerfoot Trail/Stoney Trail

Highways are operated by the provincial government and not The City. To report snow and ice concerns:

On Deerfoot Trail including on and off ramps and for Stoney Trail north from 16 Avenue west to halfway between 17 Avenue and 16 Avenue east, contact Carmacks at 403-543-8750 (24/7).

On Stoney Trail south, contact Chinook Operations at 1-877-898-7623 (24/7).

On pathways and walkways


Report snow​​​ and ice on a pathway approved for snow clearing. Note: The City has 24 hours to clear pathways after the snow has been deposited. Learn about which pathways are approved priority for snow and ice removal. A walkway is similar to a pathway, but typically a connector between two houses joining two roads, or a road and a lane.

Report pathways concern Report walkways concern

On Calgary Transit Property

LRT platforms

Report snow and ice removal requests for LRT platforms (including adjacent ramps and stairs), park and ride lots, bus aprons (the cement portion the bus shelter or bench sits on that is not part of the sidewalk). Provide the 4 digit teleride number where possible.

​​​Report Transit property concern​​

Locations or properties not listed above for both City and non-city owned properties

Other snow and ice concerns

General inquiries for snow and ice removal and requests for services/information. Provide detailed information to describe the concern and where it is located in order to direct this request to the appropriate area for response.

Other snow and ice concerns ​