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Office of the Mayor

Contact Mayor Naheed Nenshi

The Mayor's Office can be reached at the following contact information:

Transforming Government

Transparency. Accountability. Civic Engagement. Innovation. Citizen Orientation. Sustainability.
Government exists to serve citizens. Every day, citizens are touched by The City of Calgary and the services it offers. Transforming Government is about celebrating the constant improvement that happens at The City of Calgary—improvement that makes life better for citizens.

Cut Red Tape​

It’s time to cut red tape. Your advice will ensure The City of Calgary becomes a municipal government of problem-solvers and facilitators for all citizens of Calgary. Together, we can make working with The City even better. 

Calgary Food Trucks

The City is teaming up with several vendors to create a solution to regulate food trucks as an industry in Calgary.

Council Innovation Fund

The purpose of the Council Innovation Fund (CIF) is to encourage innovation or pilot projects that have the potential to support or contribute to the goals of Council and that have city-wide application.

Request a message or letter of recognition
Would you like to have a proclamation or letter of recognition from Mayor Nenshi to highlight an important issue, a charitable event or some civic-minded individuals? Here's how to request a congratulatory message, or a proclamation or letter of recognition.
Naheed Nenshi