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Property and business tax calculator

Estimate your taxes based on your assessed value. ​For annexed properties, properties with split assessment classes or with assessment classes that are different under the City Charter than under the Municipal Government Act, please contact us at 403-268-2888.

Choose your assessment class/business from the list. Enter your assessment values and see the table below.

Estimated taxes

Provincial propertybusiness taxes  
Municipal propertybusiness taxes  
Business Tax Consolidation (what's this?)  
Estimated total taxes for 2018 *  

Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax Program (What's this?)

One-time phased tax credit (check eligibility requirements)
Estimated taxes after credit  

This calculator is for information purposes only. The calculation does not include any penalties, local improvement levies, or outstanding taxes owed from previous years. Final tax bills are mailed in February for businesses and May for property owners.

Where do my taxes go?

See where your property tax dollars are being spent using the property tax breakdown tool. 

Get a tax breakdown

How is my property assessed?

Assessment includes things like the size of your house, any renovations, the year it was built, the neighbourhood you live in and other variables.

Learn about assessments