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Revenue Neutral

The intent of The City of Calgary's revenue neutral policy is to ensure that:

  • Tax revenues do not change automatically with assessment changes due to market fluctuations.
  • Any tax change brought forward by The City is communicated through the budgetary process.

With each year's assessment roll, a revenue neutral tax rate is established, based on the application of these principles.

Check out the 2014 Property Tax Calculator below!

An increase or decrease in your property assessment does not necessarily mean your taxes will automatically go up or down by the same amount. The assessment process determines the assessment values for all properties, which in-turn determines the distribution of municipal taxes.

The revenue neutral calculation on each Assessment Notice shows how a property’s share of tax has changed as a result of that property’s new 2014 assessment value based on a zero per cent tax rate change.

With this information, you can see if your share of tax is decreasing, staying about the same or increasing as a result of your property’s new assessed value, excluding any 2014 tax rate changes.

After the City receives the provincial property tax requisition and Council passes the property tax bylaw, your 2014 Property Tax Bill will be mailed in May, reflecting your actual taxes owing.

How it works:

Compared, approximately, to the city-wide typical per cent change, if a property's year-to-year per cent change in assessment is:

  • Less — that property's revenue neutral taxes will decrease.
  • The same — that property's revenue neutral taxes will stay about the same.
  • More — that property's revenue neutral taxes will increase.

2014 typical assessment changes for property and business

The typical residential property assessment change is approximately 6% between 2013 and 2014.

The typical non-residential property assessment change is approximately 11% between 2013 and 2014.

The typical business assessment change is approximately 4% between 2013 and 2014.

2014 Property Tax Calculator

Three ways to use the calculator:

  1. To review how your share of tax has been re-distributed as a result of the 2014 reassessment (Revenue Neutral Tax).
  2. To estimate the impact your 2014 assessed value will have on your 2014 property tax calculation.
  3. When purchasing a new property, the revenue neutral tax calculator provides the 2014 revenue neutral tax calculation.

For annexed properties or properties with split assessment classes, please contact Assessment at 403-268-2888.

In the boxes below, enter your 2013 Assessment value and 2014 assessment value (this information is provided on the front of your 2014 Assessment Notice).

Click on the calculate button to view your estimated 2014 Property Tax amount based on the proposed 2014 Tax Rate change (subject to change).


 2014 Property and Business Tax Calculator