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General addressing guidelines

  • Every parcel must have an address.
  • Every parcel has an associated legal description.
  • Odd numbers are assigned to the west and south sides of numbered streets and avenues, except on curvilinear streets.
  • Even numbers are assigned to the east and north sides of numbered streets and avenues, except on curvilinear streets.

When are addresses assigned?

  • When a subdivision application is made, new addresses and street names may be required. Street names are recommended by the developer and negotiated with The City. Addressing & Data Services assign titled parcel, building, building suite, and entranceway addresses.
  • Sometimes a development permit can result in addresses being changed or added.
  • As new development is built, new addresses are requested to be assigned for buildings, entrances and building suites or units within the development.

Address changes

A property owner may apply to have their address changed. If The City of Calgary Addressing Officer determines that the change can be accommodated within the current address ranges without violating sequence or parity, the address change can occur.

There is a City Council approved fee that applies to address changes. Please refer to the address change fee schedule for the current fees.

As the fee is non-refundable, it is advised that you check with the Addressing Section for address availability.

Application forms