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Calgary Planning Commission Teachers Guide

In recognition of the centennial, CPC has created a legacy video that showcases important milestones in the City’s planning history. It features landmark buildings, historical sites, and new developments which have made Calgary the vibrant and great city we see today. Our goal is to bring these achievements to the classroom and instil a sense of pride about the way Calgary was developed.

These videos are for you to use as a resource in your classroom and are ideal for students in grades 2-7. Each video focuses on important eras of the last 100 years of City development. We have designed the videos to complement existing topics in Social Studies, as they explore aspects of history, civic government and the physical attributes of the community in which we live. In addition, many of the suggested activities encompass a multi-disciplinary approach and naturally connect to other curriculum areas.  We want to show students how simple it is to look around and appreciate our city and think deeply about what it could look like in the future.

Videos and Activity Guides

Curriculum Connections

The activities provided in this resource connect with the Alberta Program of Studies in Social Studies from Grades 2 through 7. Embedded within the activities, teachers will also recognize strong connections to the Language Arts Program of Studies with emphasis on the strands of listening, speaking reading, writing and research. This resource also supports an inquiry approach where teachers are looking at an essential question or idea such as legacy, beauty or identity.

Grade 2
2.1: Canada's Dynamic Communities
2.2: A Community in the Past

Grade 3
3.1: Communities in the World
3.2: Global Citizenship

Grade 4
4.2: The Stories, Histories and Peoples of Alberta
4.3: Alberta: Celebrations and Challenges

Grade 5
5.2: Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada
5.3: Canada: Shaping an Identity

Grade 6
6.1: Citizens Participating in Decision Making

Grade 7
7.2: Following Confederation: Canadian Expansions