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Land Use Bylaw Amendments: food growing, processing and distribution

CalgaryEA​TS! Alignment

In 2012 Calgary City Council endorsed the CalgaryEATS! Food System Assessment and Action Plan​​. The vision of Calga​ryEATS! is to create a sustainable and resilient Calgary food system so that every citizen has access to local, healthy and environmentally friendly food. The review of Calgary’s planning and development rules will ensure there continue to be opportunities for a strong local food system that contributes to the overall strength and health of our community and citizens. 


  • Evaluate methods and opportunities for local food production and processing and determine appropriate planning rules, definitions and policy;
  • Ensure new food trends can be accommodated in the Land Use Bylaw, where appropriate;
  • Ensure food production, processing and distribution businesses are appropriately located and compatible with other uses;
  • Ensure that the rules clearly communicate the opportunities that are available to grow food in Calgary; andContribute to a sustainable and resilient food system for Calgary as expressed in the vision and principles of the CalgaryEATS! Food System Assessment and Action Plan.


  • Stakeholder engagement sessions: November 2016 (please see below for further details)​
  • Take stakeholder feedback and amend Land Use Bylaws: December 2016 & January 2017
  • Take amended bylaws to the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC): Spring 2017
  • Take amended bylaws to Council for final approval: Spring 2017

Open Houses

Over the past year, City teams have been reviewing Calgary’s food-related bylaws to create as many opportunities as possible to increase accessibility to locally-grown food in our city and we’d like your input.

We recently held two open houses (November 16 and November 24) where we presented Promoting Calgary’s local food system: Land use bylaw amendments​.


Kristi Peters Snider
Sustainability Consultant, Office of Sustainability

Laurie Kimber
Senior Planner, Planning, Development & Assessment