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Centre City Banner Program

Bridge Banner Project

For over a decade, the Centre City Banner Program has been engaging local artists to create artwork for banners.  These banners enhance the downtown streetscape and make a vibrant, colourful, placemaking statement.

Banners are displayed on seven bridges leading into the core and on the Olympic Plaza pergola, acting as gateways to Calgary’s downtown and cultural district. With the addition of this artwork these spaces become open air galleries, creating a narrative for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

A different artist is selected each year to create a new look and story welcoming visitors to downtown. Over the years, artists have explored Calgary’s unique characteristics in their banner artwork – our city’s history, community, urbanity and natural landscapes.

Contact Centre City

For more information on Centre City projects, please call 3-1-1.​

*Please visit our Flickr Group to share your Centre City Banner Program photos.

Photo Gallery - Demo


Current artist

Sheila Kernan, Our Calgary
Artist Statement

Past artists

Karen Klassen
Artist Statement

Diane Bos, Unnamed.
Overlapping sequential images of the Alberta landscape.
Artist Statement
Lisa Brawn, The birds.
Bruno Canadien, Ichit'oh (Rose) and Kini (Rose).
(Olympic Plaza)
Christine Cheung, All Together Now.
(Centre Street and Chinatown)
Marjan Egermont, Celebrating the contributions ordinary Calgarians make in people's lives.
Tara Griffiths, Unfolding Growth.
(Barclay Mall)
Terrance Houle, Napi and the rock/Buffalo Herder.
(Olympic Plaza)
Dave and Jenn, The Wild and Not-So-Wild Things.

Daniel Kirk, OPENED COMMunity
Artist Statement

Stefanie Wong and Marci Simkulet, What's old is new again.
Wil Yee, Channels of Communication.
Artist Statement