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Medicine Hill/East Paskapoo Slopes


The Medicine Hill-East Paskapoo Area Structure Plan Amendments and land use/outline plan applications were presented to Calgary Planning Commission on June 4, 2015 and City Council on July 20, 2015. Calgary Planning Commission recommended approval and on July 27, 2015 City Council approved the revised Area Structure Plan, with amendments. The approved Area Structure Plan amendments bolster policies to:

  • achieve higher design standards,
  • incorporate Blackfoot culture,
  • construct a regional pathway connection across the Trans-Canada Highway at Bowfort Road and
  • construct a pedestrian overpass across the Trans-Canada Highway to Bowness.

Since the approval by Council of the Area Structure Plan and Land Use Amendments in July 2015 for the Trinity development at East Paskapoo Slopes, The City has continued to receive inquiries regarding the status of the development.

At the March 7, 2016 Calgary City Council meeting, councillors approved the name of Medicine Hill for the development of the Trinity lands.

The applicant has begun site preparation, vegetation clearance and stripping and grading. For further information on site preparation and vegetation clearance, please visit the Trinity Hills website. The City will be working to ensure the trail network on the site remains available and connected for public use during this time. For additional information on the Medicine Hill Development Permit Review Process please see the attachment.

A letter with attachment was sent to stakeholders on Dec. 17, 2015 outlining updates on the development and the process The City will follow when reviewing applications for development permits and subdivision related to this site. The City ensures development of the site will comply with all approved policies, regulations and conditions.

Stay Connected

The City's Planning department has received several inquiries from members of the public about how they can keep informed as Development Permits come in for this application.

There are several ways you can find out more: