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Highland Park – Land Use Amendment and Outline Plan Application


The Public Hearing of Council for this application is scheduled for July 4th. Members of the public can speak directly to Council at the hearing, or submit written comments. Each person will have five minutes to speak, excluding any questions Council members may ask. Comments should be brief and should address land use planning issues. Please review the FAQ for more information.




The City of Calgary is reviewing a proposal from Maple Projects Inc. to change the type of development allowed on the former Highland Park Golf Course Lands. If approved by City Council, this proposal would allow for a comprehensively designed mixed use neighbourhood. The land uses proposed would accommodate a variety of multi-residential buildings of varying heights and forms, commercial retail spaces and open space components including parks and pathways.

The proposed plan:

The plan is proposing:

  • Residential: Approximately 2,071 units in a variety of housing types from Vertical Mixed Use (Retail & Residential), Slope Adaptive Terraced Apartments, Terraced Apartments and Apartments.
  • Retail: Approximately 48,491 square feet of retail development primarily located along Centre Street which is identified as an Urban Corridor.
  • Open Space: 1.74 hectares (4.30 acres) of Municipal Reserve.