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Highland Park – Land Use Amendment and Outline Plan Application

On March 20, 2017, Council approved the land use amendment for the former Highland Park Golf Course site. Visit the Electronic Legislative Management Solution (ELMS) to view the City Council hearing minutes from each of the hearings that were held on this application: July 4, 2016, January 16, 2017, January 23, 2017 and March 20, 2017.  


There were two parts to this application: an outline plan and a land use amendment.

The outline plan informs the future subdivision of the lands, including infrastructure, road size and location, distribution of open space and the location of various land use districts. Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) is responsible for making a decision on the outline plan. In April 2016, CPC approved the original outline plan for the former Highland Park Golf Course site.

The land use amendment is used to change the existing land use designation (zoning) to accommodate the land use proposed in the outline plan. City Council is responsible for making a decision on the land use amendment. In July 2016, Council tabled the original land use amendment and asked for further consideration of related City projects and public input. This resulted in changes to the land use, which do not match the outline plan that was approved by CPC.

What is happening now?

The City is reviewing a revised outline plan*, received on June 5, 2017. This outline plan is meant to reflect the changes and the land use that Council approved in March 2017. These changes include:

  1. a redistribution and increase in public open space;
  2. adjustments to the pathway network with a new connection through the northwest of the site to 4 Street NW and McKnight Boulevard N; and
  3. an adjustment to the proposed road network.

Please refer to the diagram, below.

*You may have received information about this outline plan in the mail. It has come to our attention that two letters were included, and one has incorrect information. Please see the correct information package. 

Next steps

Once The City has reviewed the changes, the outline plan will go to Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) for their review and final decision. No date has been set for the CPC review; please watch this site for updates.

Incorrect information about this application has been circulated through traditional and social media. Get the facts here: review our FAQ.