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Highland Park – Land Use Amendment and Outline Plan Application

December 8th information session

Come speak with City staff and learn about the amended outline plan, Urban Design Guidelines and the next Public Hearing of Council.

Where: Highwood Community Hall, 16 Harlow Avenue NW
Date: December 8th, 2016
Time: 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Incorrect information about this application has been circulated through traditional and social media. Get the facts here: review our FAQ.

July 4th Public Hearing of Council

On July 4th, Council tabled their decision on this application and directed us to work toward an application that:

  • aligns with transit-oriented development principles;
  • aligns with the Green Line project, Main Streets project and the storm water drainage study for the Highland Park area; and
  • includes urban design guidelines to supplement the rules in the Direct Control (DC) land use bylaws.

What has happened since July?

  • 4 engagement sessions with the Highland Park Community Association (HPCA), Thorncliffe-Greenview Community Association (TGCA), the applicant and City staff.
  • 40th Avenue Green Line charrette, attended by the applicant, several community members and the City staff working on this application.
  • An amended outline plan, provided by the applicant, to better reflect community input.
  • New Urban Design Guidelines, written by City staff to supplement the rules in the proposed Direct Control (DC) land use districts.

What happens next?

The application will return to Council on January 9, 2017 with four deliverables.

  • An amended outline plan and associated land use bylaws
  • Urban Design Guidelines
  • A summary of changes detailing what has changed since the July 4th Council hearing
  • A visual plan highlighting the ongoing work in the greater area around the golf course site

Please attend our December 8th information session to view these deliverables prior to the public hearing.


The City of Calgary is reviewing a proposal from Maple Projects Inc. to change the type of development allowed on the former Highland Park Golf Course Lands. If approved by City Council, this proposal would allow for a comprehensively designed mixed use neighbourhood. The land uses proposed would accommodate a variety of multi-residential buildings of varying heights and forms, commercial retail spaces and open space components including parks and pathways.

The proposed plan:

The plan is proposing:

  • Residential: Approximately 2,071 units in a variety of housing types from Vertical Mixed Use (Retail & Residential), Slope Adaptive Terraced Apartments, Terraced Apartments and Apartments.
  • Retail: Approximately 48,491 square feet of retail development primarily located along Centre Street which is identified as an Urban Corridor.
  • Open Space: 1.99 hectares (4.92 acres) of Municipal Reserve.